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Comments on Mary Anna, Dr. Michael Brown on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth – The Real Kosher Jesus (Dec 12, 2012)

This article is to those readers who do not know who Jesus is and why He is God and Savior of a fallen humanity.

The video linked here is of a debate on Sid Roth its supernatural show. Sid is a Jew who came to the knowledge that Jesus was the Messiah and his shows are a testimony of his faith. In this video he gives his personal testimony about his orthodox father’s conversion at his death bed a short time before he died.

The requirement of forgiveness of sins is explained as well as eternal salvation or condemnation. Also explained is the need for a substitute to take your place with the death sentence that every human being carries with them upon reaching the age of accountability.

What is this concept of a death sentence that I am mentioning? and where does it come from?

The origin of it is in the Bible and it is in the narrative of the book of Genesis. There we see the creation of men and the universe by God. Please read Genesis 2 & 3 before continuing.

God had created a perfect man and woman and the place He put them on was also perfect. Adam he originally formed from the material He made the earth with that He had declared good before. This material was eternal and perfect. The woman he took from a rib of the man and using Adams DNA He formed Eve. At this point everything was perfect as Paradise should be.

But, and there is always a but, God at some point in time (this concept of time is also for many pages of discussion) before had created spiritual beings without a physical body called angels and with them had instituted a celestial government under His rule and authority. One of the highest ranking angels He created, Lucifer or Satan rebelled against God and His rule and dragged one third of the angels to rebel with him. These angels are the demons, fallen angels and the progeny of them the Nephilin. This rebellion against the rule of God is what brought the death sentence to these angels.  The angels are immortal spirits and death does not mean to cease to exist it means eternal banishment from heaven and punishment in the Lake of Fire.

Back in the garden Adam and Eve were living great with no limits to their movements or actions except for one simple rule. Do not eat from a certain tree, that of the knowledge of good and evil. with the rule came the consequences that had to be paid for the disobedience of the rule. And that penalty was death. Keep in mind also that God sees all the future all the way to eternity. It is at this point that Satan is first introduced in the Bible and we must assume the same with Adam and Eve. Satan in his state of leader of the rebellion and knowing the consequences of it decided to enroll humans in his ranks to oppose God and destroy His plans and creation. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, He confronted them as well as Satan as a Judge and Omnipotent ruler. He pronounced the sentence of guilty by asking them how they knew their were naked, then pronounced sentences to all of them and cursed creation introducing the law of entropy to the Universe, this law is the one that makes everything with matter decompose and break down to its most basic element, thus death came to the creation.

In His judgment He provided mercy for Adam and Eve , but not for Satan. This mercy was a way to avoid death and eternal separation and punishment from God. Somebody was going to be found that was able to pay with death the penalty that was imputed to Adam And Eve and all their descendants. That person was Jesus who was born without sin (He was God and human) and therefore was not excluded for paying for others.

I hope all this will help in understanding better the video below and I want to thank Mary Anna for her post.




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