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Archive for December 16th, 2012

Mayan Dec 21, 2012, the return of Quetzecoatil the winged god serpent and the Rise of the Antichrist

This post below by Steven K has three links.

The first link is about the killings that have ocured in the past few days including the Aurora theater massacre and their link to the Dec 21, 2012 Mayan calendar return of the god Quetzecoatil Kukulkans. the documentary video is excellent to really understand that this god is none other than Satan and the man Antichrist whom he will possess. Part I is followed by Part II which further discusses the Aztec and the Inca calendars also.

Video link two is about Islam and the message is powerful and directed to Muslims who have been deceived by Satan. The temptation of the 72 virgins is about the lust of the flesh and the question I want to answer is this also where do they come from and are women going to have 72 male virgins for them also? Again this is a very evil and loop-sided view of humanity with the enslavement of women and all who do not submit by force. Love is very far from this and the challenge to any person that is following this religion is read the Bible and compare the message of love inherent in it starting with the sacrifice of Jesus as a lamb taken to the slaughter with the hate and enslavement inherit in Islam.



Steven King (15 Dec 2012)
Satanic Ritual Killing 2012 &The Return of the FALLEN!

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Satanic Ritual Killing 2012 &The Return of the FALLEN!

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