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Barack Hussein Obama the 666 Antichrist Dec 19, 2012

Josua has linked the three articles by Kermit that are a gematric proof of the role that Obama will play in the Apocalypse. He mentions the work done by Mr. John Tng on this subject and you will find links to them here.



Josua (19 Dec 2012)
“RE: Kermits 666 collection”

Dear Kermit

your tables are simply amazing! Thanks a lot for your diligent research and for sharing your findings!
Watch & Pray!
YbiC, Josua





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  1. Check out this trailer for the new G I Joe movie with prophetic overtones. Note the destruction of London, similar to the “Dark Knight”. The Space based weapon (rods from god) used to destroy London. The replacement (alien/reptilian) president siezing world power with the weapon.
    The Movie is due out march of 2013. After “production delays” from the June date on the trailer.


    December 20, 2012 at 8:37 pm

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