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Should we wear pink to the end of the world? A Doonesbury cartoon Dec 21, 2012

To keep the trend in this prophecy blog and present all sides to the theme I am introducing today’s Doonesbury cartoon who true to form continues the theme of the Mayan end of the world started two days ago.

My 27 year old son is planning to have a party on Saturday the 22 and is roasting a 45 # pig in a caja china roaster.


Well I do not think the world will end Friday as many Mayan prophecy followers think, but I would not be doing a party to celebrate either.

What I believe all these ancient civilizations were saying and expecting is the return of the gods they worship in the case of the Mayans Quetzecoatil Kukulcans and the Aztecs and the Hopi etc.

I am expecting the Antichrist to reveal himself to the world and the Apocalypse will start. Could this happen as the Mayan’s gods (Fallen Angels) prophesied giving credence to their demonic inspired religions?

My last post was about who I believe is the Antichrist!

GB Trudeau is good in grabbing the spirit of the society trends of the moment and acting it out in his cartoons. In this he is brilliant.




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