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What every person should know, and specially Christians, about “UFO, Transgenics, Alliens and Genetic manipulation of humans, animals and plants Jan 15, 2013

During this past week the following video was posted in Prophecy in the News. It is an interview with Mr. Tom Horn about his book Nephilim Stargates. Most of the people in the world are aware of the UFO and Aliens sub culture and they relegate this subject to the mentally unstable or the lunatic fringe population. So what is a Christian blog like this and three Christian pastors and writers who have specialized in the prophetic scriptures of the Bible get involved in this?

The answer is simple, the Bible speaks that in the future during a time called the Apocalypse the world is going to be infected with millions of fallen angels and demonic spirits. They will interact with humans to posses or torment them in a myriad of ways and they will try to alter God’s creation by altering the DNA of humans, animals and plants.

It is a fascinating video and it is worth seeing.




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  1. Me thinks this is what the “mark” of the beast will be…something which transforms ones DNA into part fallen angel. Sound crazy? Maybe a little bit, but if one does a study into Gen 6, Nimrod, Appollyan and the fact one can’t be forgiven (repent) for taking the mark is very telling in itself. Good Work Nando!


    January 16, 2013 at 11:53 am

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