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Nicole (15 Feb 2013) “The False Jesus and the Fake Aliens/Giants/Nephilim: Mock the Second Coming and the “Rule” on the Earth”


Nicole (15 Feb 2013)
The False Jesus and the Fake Aliens/Giants/Nephilim:   Mock the Second Coming and the “Rule” on the Earth

You know how Jesus comes back at the Second Coming with His saints of old to rule for 1,000 years?

Well Satan has a mockery of this for the tribulation…and this is Sananda Immanuel and the Galactic Federation of Light and they are going to “rule” on the earth during the tribulation to help enforce the mark of the beast.   My son saw that Obama had made first contact with them and welcomed them….and then these various creatures were at the airports assisting the TSA at all checkpoints on the highways, banks, etc.   Notice in this video below that the Emperor of China had two 15 foot guards.

Now that we see the rise of the false prophet, please pay careful attention to this as it completes the underworld trinity.

a guy 8 foot tall could lift 2,000 pounds from England in the 1800’s….so what do you think about a 36 foot tall giant?

This is Sister Anna’s vision….some of her visions are hard to follow, but I try to remember them for later.
When the Pope hands over the keys to a new pope, the abyss will be ready to open

The abyss opens, the Bride stays until the false Jesus comes with his army, and the BRIDE IS RAPTURED BEFORE they are allowed to land on Earth.   She sees bombs…this is a very good video.


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