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A Cartoonist view on the next Pope Feb 26, 2013

We are two days away from the date set by Pope Benedict XVI to abdicate. There is a lot of anticipation by the world and specially by Catholics who see the present Pope as very good and do not want him to leave.

Most of the world and many Catholics are unaware of the undercurrent of intrigue and manipulation that is going on for the election of his successor. It is a true struggle between the forces of good and evil. Most of the people think that the status-quot is what is to prevail.

Some Christians who have devoted many years of their live to the study of prophecy have come to the conclusion that these times we are living correspond to the end times prior to the return of Jesus Christ at His Second Coming. From the prophecies of the Bible we can identify two individuals who will be ruling the world for the King of the spiritual forces of evil Satan. These two individuals are about to make their debut into the world.

The first individual the Antichrist is already in a position of great power and is awaiting the opening of the first seal in heaven by Jesus Christ which allows him to go out to rule and conquer. Make no mistake about this, it is Jesus who controls the Universe and for His perfect plan to finalize He will open the first seal.

It is the second person who will co-rule with the Antichrist that it is in the opinion of this writer the next Pope to be elected. So yes I believe that those true Christians Cardinals who will try to preserve the Catholic Church will loose to the band of the Gay, pedophiles and Masonic Satanist that will persevere and put their Papal candidate in the throne of Peter.

This two individuals will be responsible for all the destruction that has been prophesied in the Bible for thousands of years. The time is at hand.

Let us put a different angle to the above. Wiley Miller the cartoonist for Non-Sequitur the cartoon had its take on the election of the next Pope with this cartoon below. Is the skull in the first pane prophetic of things to come with his election. The skull is in the shirt of the girl Danae Pyle also.


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