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What qualifications are needed to become Pope? Mar 1, 2013

There is a vacancy at the Vatican as of today. It is the customs of the Catholic church to elect a new leader, Pope, by locking up all the Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel and sequestering them there under simple food and bedding till they elect a new Pope. The qualifications of the candidates for the position of Pope are probably not written down or available to the church in general or to bishops and high clergy. The Pope is elected from the group that is doing the election, that is the Cardinal electors, and very general qualifications will probably enter into play. There is not one chances in hundreds of millions that this group will go outside those present to make their selection.

This is the church that Jesus Christ entrusted for its upkeep to the Apostles and particular to Peter. PIeter was commanded by Jesus three times to feed my sheep and told that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church.

Before making further points in this article I want to compare this present day process to the one that Jesus used to pick the leaders of the church. At that time we had the High Priest of Israel, and the Sanhedrin which were the highest teachers of the law. He chose not one of these, not even Nicodemus who was a member of this group and believed in Jesus. He picked fisherman, a tax collector, a doctor and plain people to become the 12 Apostles. From this group he picked one a fisherman Peter to be their leader.

It is from this man that the present system of ruler-ship originated and is maintained. The man elected is given full authority and told that he is Holy (title given)Father and that he is infallible in his edicts further qualifying this as only in matters concerning dogma.

From the group of 120 Cardinals there are many that are average people as well as some who can be considered true dedicated and devoted Christians, but there is also a disturbing fact that has been spoken off by many insiders and researchers of the Church to be gay, or masonic satanists  or plain unbelievers. Can this be possible? The answer must be a yes!

If we are approaching the seven year tribulation, if Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist if the next Pope is to be called Petrus Romanus then we must conclude that evil did prevail in the conclave for the selection of the False Prophet of the book of Revelation.

Is the promise of God that the gates of hell will not prevail in His church void and null? I do not think so, what it does mean is that the true Bible believing church will be taken out leaving an empty carcass  to simulate the church.

Below you will see two cartoons that follow the ones posted here before and seem to ask the question about the girl Danae applying for the position of Pope.




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