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Lynnette (2 March 2013) “Arithmetic of God” A most fascinating book!

It is with great pleasure that I am posting this article by Lynnette. I have made my living in structural engineering design for the past 46 years and numbers are my daily allotment. This article is about the Arithmetic of God and it links to a PDF book of the same title.

Our creator Jesus Christ in the union of the Holy Spirit and God the Father is an awesome God. In numbers you can admire the precise and formidable nature of God and see that everything that exists is numerically engineered and crafted. God is pure and perfect and so are His numbers. With them He created everything that exists ans all the future is systematically following a numerical pattern to its completion. To understand and see this numerical interactions linked to the history of the world and mankind is mind blowing to say the least. To the inquiring  and mathematical mind is like honey to bees we are drawn to them in reverence and admiration. Enjoy the reading as much as I have already done I just have started.


Lynnette (2 March 2013)
Arithmetic of God

Dear Doves,

Some are familiar with  the book “Arithmetic of God”  by Don Kesler. Actually the  book is penned by Don Kesler.  He credits its  author to be Jesus Christ The Word with inspiration  given by the Holy Spirit .

The Forward of the book  explains it well  🙂 It is an awesome book and a real treat !!!

You can read about it and learn more here:


My hardcopy of the book cover looked like this :



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March 2, 2013 at 7:10 pm

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