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Obama goes to Israel Imitating Jesus entry in Passover Mar 2, 2013


Thanks Randy

Randy (2 March 2013)
Found THIS article when I Googled:  “Tragedy on obama trip to Israel 2013”

EXCELLENT Article on how O’s trip seems to “imitate” Christ’s last week in Jerusalem.
Very well written, thought through and with Bible references.
And this was just the FIRST article I found/read from that search.
Apparently….ALOT of us have come to see the SAME parallels…..IF they are watching in the Last of the Last days!!!!
The article is worth a FULL read….
It refers to things like:
The EARLY date of the Passover… early date NOT seen since 1899 and won’t be seen again until 2089
The Pope chooses to resign 6 days AFTER the President’s trip is announced.
the award being given to Obama by the Israeli government…..the FIRST US president to ever get this award.
and alot more……
The articles seems to take EVERYTHING I’ve been reading and put it ALL together in one article!!
TICK TOCK……………………….


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