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Is the new Pope Francis the last Pope, the False Prophet? March 14, 2013

The election of the new Pope has put a Jesuit priest for the first time in the seat of a Pope. Is this the final Pope who allies with the Antichrist as the False Prophet of Revelation.

It is to early to confirm his role but things will surely speed up in the next few days as we approach Passover.

The links below offer a great deal of information about the order that has placed its man in the seat of Pope.


Edwina (14 March 2013)
New pontiff, named after meek and mild st. Francis of Assisi? NO! he is named after st. Francis Xavier – A JESUIT!

Dear Doves,
Wanted to know what Tom Horn thinks?
Well the white smoke came and what do we have? a nice gentle man? That he may well be, but there is something VERY strange going on.
How about this – a candidate promoting the New World Order?
 and here gives some clues on the illuniati New World Order connection
In short ladies and gentlemen, the jesuit ambition is for political control, they are the biggest order in the catholic church, so here now and today i have the greatest confidence that this pope is “their” man and for just as a time as this 2013,
Shalom, and MARANATHA! Come Lord Jesus!
love edwina.


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