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Pope Francis I and Revelation 13: 11 The Beast Out of the Earth March 21, 2013

The video below is about an interview between M.r Gary Stearman and co-authors Tom Horn and Cris Putnam who wrote Petrus Romanus and the coming book Exo-Vaticanus.

This is an interview that sheds new light into the agenda and direction that they see the new Pope taking. Midway the interview Cris shows a book The Jesusits by Malachi Martin an ex-Jesuit himself that left the order by Papal authority. I got the book a few years back and stopped reading it about half way. This author was one of my favorites and his book the final conclave was a work of fiction that was magnificent. He also wrote Hostage to the devil and The Keys of this blood Pope John Paul II versus Russia and the West for control of the New World Order. This last book I also stopped on page 182 and shelve it.

It sure looks that Pope Francis I will fit into the shoes of the false Prophet of Revelation 13 as the beast that comes out of the earth.



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