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Giants, Nephillim and the coming Apocalypse March 29, 2013

Today the Christian world celebrates the crucifixion of Christ and in churches all over the world we remember our Lord’s work of redemption at the cross. He became the lamb sacrificed at the altar to pay for our sins.

Thank you our God and Lord Jesus Christ for dying and paying for my sins and of all whose sins you covered at the cross. It is my believe that He paid for all the sins of the world including for the sins of those who end in hell for all eternity by not accepting this sacrifice and offering of Love from our Creator.

With this introduction I give an introduction to a very profound and often unknown subject that will be in center place of the news all around the world in this and the coming years to follow after. The subject is a Biblical subject first introduced in the 6th Chapter of Genesis. We know of the existence of Satan as he is first introduced in the Garden of Eden tempting Eve to disobey and rebel against God. Few ever think beyond this episode and blame Adam and Eve for introducing sin and the curse into the World, but the introduction of sin and rebellion came much earlier at the time Satan rebelled and incited one third of the created Angels to join him in his plan to dethrone God and make himself god.

The Bible speaks a lot about Angels, but their true nature and powers and limitations are not fully understood. It is in Genesis 6 that the Bible addresses an aspect of their existence that is not very well known. These fallen angels took human females as wife and produced a race of creatures that were not human or angelic called the Giants or Nephillim.

The ramification of this act of rebellion with the purpose of obliterating the human genome was Satan’s master plan to destroy the path for the seed of the woman to bring forth the Son of God born of a human for the Redemption of mankind.

Today this phenomena is again taking full center stage as these fallen angels masquerade themselves as aliens from other planets riding vessels identified as UFO’s and making their appearance all over the world.

In the program below this subject is discussed by Mr. Gary Stearman, L.A. Marzulli and Russ Dizdar.


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Written by twelvebooks

March 29, 2013 at 6:27 pm

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