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Book review of Exo-Vaticanus March 30, 2013

A book review by Terry James of Rapture Ready of Exo-Vaticanus authors: Tom Horn & Cris Putman.


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  1. How America is laid low during this apparently near 7-Year period is not yet clear. For many years Daniel 4 V-15 has nagged… Directed to ancient King Nebuchadnezzar, many insist the deeper meaning has to do with Israel. No argument from this writer on that; the description of the “Great Tree Sheltering and Providing Sustenance For Many fits spiritual Israel. Moreover, a modern Israel with large oil & gas reserves appearing recently seems to make Israel very important as Mohammedanism lines up around Israel to act out the Mother of all circular firing squads…

    To paraphrase General Anthony Clement McAuliffe, “The Poor Bastards Have Got Israel Surrounded”… That seems to fit Isaiah 17. As that situation ripens, we see Israel prevail, and expansion of borders. Good for Israel, and maybe presenting some not so good collateral damage for America… If I may, please let us look at “The Great Tree” as a type description also fitting the United States of America. Using the 400 year stay of Israel in Egypt as a baseline, can we compare the last 400 years with the USA being another safe haven for the Jewish people? As the Islamic threat becomes moot, American Jews return to “The Land”. Daniel 4 suggests 7 years of reduced circumstances, which fits the 7 year Tribulation period. We posit Tribulation commencing after the Isaiah 17 events, although possibly not immediately. A period of prosperity, say seven years brings us to Joseph’s experience in Egypt- with a period (seven years likened to 7 fat cows?) of prosperity.

    If the seven fat cows are consumed by the seven lean cows, here we can imagine seven prosperous years after Islam is laid low, then pushback by Muslim remnant and allies (Russia/China/India) bringing 7 lean years; these being The Seven Years of Jacob’s trouble. America does not escape, suffering great conflict from within as well as from outside attackers. A savvy transport professional easily recognizes “Bands of Iron” as possible reference to railway connector infrastructure. The bronze easily fits in the electric railway technology designs. The idea of railways playing an existential role for America may be difficult for a generation far removed from rail based distribution & warehousing, but that was the norm in the lower 48, from the Civil War up to Ike’s Freeway Construction program of 1956.

    Add a little EMP, Federal Executive Emergency Orders for motor fuel allocation, weather & man made disasters, some other bad ingredients, and the paradigm changes. Railway simplicity and stand alone ability may seem a bad deal compared with Happy Motoring, but we are soon going to be faced with making the best of a bad chain of events. Lincoln knew something about the ties that bind a nation.

    For many decades the US Armed Forces had a very conspicuous railway logistics program, ending after the Viet Nam War. Military moniker for railway is “Second Dimension Surface Transport Logistics Platform”. In fact, Daniel 4 V-15 may be a very crucial message for America’s “Passover” through the Tribulation, and assurance of timely recovery thereafter. Some are already at work on this part of the dasater solution set, and those communities with railway links will simply be better off.


    April 25, 2013 at 1:01 pm

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