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Discussion of the year of Perfect Order, the Apocalypse etc April 2, 2013

Marylin Agee thanks for the time you took to digest and comment on the article I posted. I know that you are diligent and studious in the Word of God and that you try to enlighten the readers with what you know and with what you think.

I will try to tell you what I thought as you asked what I meant, but you have elaborated your questions to more than a few subjects some of which I have no knowledge to properly answer.

First let me answer what I meant by the year of Perfect Order. This term is probably a term made up by the author of the article posted by Mr. Jim Bramlet in five doves. I found the article very enlightening and believable so I went over it several times and tried to translated into Spanish to make it available to more people. In the article the author states ” To find out if a particular year is a ‘year of order’ enter any date in April with the year, and check either B.C. or A.D. on either the Gregorian or Julian calendar, then scroll down to the Hebrew calendar and find the Jewish month of Nisan in the box to the right.  If 1 Nisan falls on Thursday, that opens a year of perfect order. In the years that Nisan 1 falls in the month of March, like 2013, make the adjustment by putting a near date in March on the Julian or Gregorian calendars that brings up the whole month of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar.

On the Jewish calendar there are certain years when Nisan 1 only and always falls on Thursday .  These types of years area year of perfect order because when this occurs,all the Mosaic Feast days – which are ‘seasons’ (Heb: mow’ed ) ‘set times’ and ‘appointed times’ as inGen 1:14, fall on their legally prescribed day as commanded by the Lord in Leviticus 23 and Exodus 12:1-6.

Only in a ‘year of perfect order’…

Nisan 1 falls on Thursday, and is the opening day of the Sacred Year calendar
– Ex 12:1-2.Itis the daythat Moses erected the Tabernacle in Exodus 40:2.  Nisan 1 always begins the yearly cycle of the cleansing of the altar, the Temple implements and the cleansing and consecration of the of the priesthood in their divisions and the 24 courses of the Levites – for seven days- thru Nisan 7, which allows them to be fit for ministry “on the eighth day”Nisan 8. Ex 40; 2 Chron 29:3,17-19;  Ezk 43:19-27. “. To find out this year proper Jewish month I went to the link for the Torah calendar given in Wess article and to my surprise it gave Nisan 1 as a Thursday this year as well as Passover. What made me look into this was that full moon was on March 27, 2013 and I put that date in the Torah calendar  and the month of Nisan came up having Nisan 1 on a Thursday. So I did not check the Rosetta calendar for that day.

I do not have more time to answer all your questions, but one more observation on my part needs to be made and that is that what I call the Apocalypse is what is found in the book of Revelation starting on chapter six to the second coming at the end of the seven cups of wrath. I believe that this period is the same seven years as the last week of years of Daniel and that the book of Revelation states unequivably the length of the 7seals, 7 trumpets and 7 cups as being a total of  2520 days (7 yrs of 360 days). I also believe that the two witnesses of chapter 11 start their ministry on the first day of the 2520 days and end at the end of the 1260 days after the sixth trumpet. I do not believe that we are in the Tribulations yet. On the Rapture you may be right to choose Ascension day, but I have no strong opinion as the when of the event except to say that I am a pre-Tribulation Rapture believer.


Marilyn Agee (2 Apr 2013)
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