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The next Israel war with the neighboring Arabs mostly Suni and the aftermath war with the other Islamic nations afterward.

Next month is the 65th anniversary of Israel in May 14, 2013. At the present time this nation finds itself in the gun sights of all the Islamic nations and many other world nations.

How is it possible that a Nation so small and with less than 9 million citizens finds itself being the object of such hate and ill will from such a large segment of the world population. The answer is not explainable in physical or human terms as the many enemies of Israel try to propagandize.  The roots of this hatred is millennial in time and can only be explained in terms whom for the atheist are nonsense as it is a conflict in the spiritual realm. For those who believe there is a spiritual world with a God that is the Creator of the Universe and an enemy whom He created an angel named Satan who out of pride fomented a revolution of other angels against God this is simpler to understand.

The video below is Part 2 of an interview with the author of the book PSALM 83  The missing Prophecy Revealed Mr. Bill Salus.

The book and the DVD lectures is a must read to understand the origins, timing and final result of the wars that are about to come to the world in months or maybe weeks into the future. Mr. Salus has done an excellent job in putting prophecies that were written 3,600 years ago in terms that can be understood by all who read the book and specially to those who are versed in the prophecies of the Bible concerning the times of the end of the age of the gentiles and the coming seven year Apocalypse that culminates at the end in the return to earth of Jesus Christ to establish his millennial Kingdom.

Mr. Salus has done a great job in putting these prophecies in perspective from a modern geopolitical, economic and positional perspective that the total analysis makes very good assumptions as to the unfolding and timing of the events as well as the identifications of the parties involved in this conflict.

I differ with him not in context or the interpretation of the prophecies but in the context that they occur.

Mr. Salus places the prophecies of Psalm 83 prior to the seven year Apocalypse and I do not thing this is a correct assumption.

My reasoning about this is that in the book of Revelation the first four seals who release the four horses of the Apocalypse are responsible for the death of 25% of the population of the world or approximately 1,750,000,000 people. I think the Psalm 83 and the then Ezekiel 38-39 prophecies are the major sources of this butchering of people and that they will take place after the Antichrist makes a covenant with many (Israel and others).

As readers of this blog know I believe that Obama is the Antichrist and that this covenant to be signed very soon was orchestrated with the visit of Obama on the week of March prior to Passover and is being edited to its final form by Secretary of State Mr. Kelley yesterday and today in Israel and the other co-signatories involved.



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