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Anthony Mak (23 Apr 2013) “Thorough teaching about the 10 virgins by Dr. Owour – 9 Parts!”

I just finished hearing Part 1 of Dr. Uwour nine Parts message Redefining The Bride of Christ.

In this blog I have given this parable a lot of study as it is a crucial message for the future and deceased Bride of Christ at the Resurrection and Rapture.

Today if you look at the comment that I posted you will see that Jesus gave me a very strong sign with no indication of what it was all about. Janet Herscu had posted a letter in comments and I made reference to my experience. At this point 11.25 PM I just finished the hearing of the first Part and seeing that they may both be related as the message that I should hear I am posting this here now before hearing the next eight parts. Make sure to start on Part 1 as the link will take you to Part 9.


Anthony Mak (23 Apr 2013)
Thorough teaching about the 10 virgins by Dr. Owour – 9 Parts!

He has titled all the 9 parts as “redefining the bride of Christ” – very unique and detailed teaching never ever taught from these angles before, as far as I know…

Nando end

The Comment I posted is below.

Janet Herscu this reply is for you and all those who visit this blog and happen to read your letter and this reply. I want to say again that your letters are a constant source of encouragement to those who are waiting patiently for the prophetic Word to be fulfilled. The many factors that you weave into your calculations and permutations are sometimes difficult to follow and understand, but your perseverance is worthy of praise and emulation. You are not doing mindless and illogical numbers, but thoughtful and possible deductions.
Today Jesus gave me great encouragement the same way He has done for many years now through license plates ending with the number 77 on them on a very short trip to and fro my house to a print shop. The first car I saw on my trip was several blocks from my house and the plate ended in 077, after that I saw one other car with the 77 ending and a 777 ending following. After the 777 I saw a 977 a 677 and a 577. The total # of cars that I saw was below 55 so with this #’s I will try to do some #’s to explain the statistical probability of this to occur by chance is as follows:

Probability = 55 x [(1/1000) x (1/100) x (1/1000) x (1/100) x (1/100) x (1/100)] = 0.00000000000055

This probability is impossible to occur by chance, so is Jesus giving me an alert or a gigantic encouragement?

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