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May 5 of 2013 a possible Rapture and Nuke attack day (Shavu’ot-Pentecost) in the USA?

Since Sunday I have been debating the posting of this article I am writing now. The reason it was not posted earlier is that I was not sure then of the full meaning of the message that I had received or the number it was pointing to. A few minutes ago I came to understand the very possible confirmation of the posts by Donna Danna in plus my own interpretation of the number and other possible ramifications.

I will start the story on Sunday about seven in the evening. I was at my nieces house to celebrate a birthday of one of her sons and there I started talking to her mother about the reality of our Lord Jesus Christ and how for the past thirty years we have communicated through license plates and the # 77 and how it all had started in 1977 when He sent the Holy Spirit in the form of a white dove through the open door of my apartment to land in the door mat while I was reading the Bible and in prayer. I had explained that the # of God is the 777. We talked for more than 30 minutes and meanwhile the TV of the house was on and there was a movie playing on the TNT channel when a scene in the movie catches my attention and the man and woman in the movie stop the van and get out. The camera then goes to film the man as he goes to the back of the van and shows the license plate in the van. It was J5C 888. I told the person that was watching to rewind to that frame and stop the movie. I then explained to does present that this license plate appearing in the TV had a message for me and told them this is what I saw in the message: The J is for Jesus the 5 the number He was emphasizing the C for Christ and the 888 the Gematria of Jesus in Greek. I did not elaborate more than that but I kept thinking what the meaning of it all was.

Yesterday I checked a post that I made a few days back about the Rapture happening at Pentecost which this year is listed on May 15-16, but using the Torah calendar occurs on May5-6.

Yesterday afternoon I went with my wife and our grandson to our bank close to our home and one block before the bank we stop at a light and parked in the side was a car with the license plate 777. When we park in the bank, an SUV drives in the side my wife was and he goes in so fast and close I thought he was going to hit the door and my wife. My wife and this driver go in the bank and I stay in the car. The man with the SUV comes out a few minutes after and when he gets out I see he has a 677 # in the license plate. We drive out and at the same place of the 777 before the car in front of mine had the license plate 888. This was my confirmation of the events of the day before. That night we went out to dinner at a local Cuban food restaurant and the order # of the bill was 793 which is the English standard Gematria of Barack Hussein Obama.

At this point of the story I go to see the post by Danna posted below.


Donna Danna (30 Apr 2013)

(Let’s pray that this coming nuke attack doesn’t take place.)
Obama Signed Covert Exec Order for THE COMING NUKE ATTACK USA!
Important Message From Navy SEAL Contact TODAY



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  1. I don’t personally believe in the rapture, but non the less, we are at a point in time where where Bible Prophecy is staring us in our face. Lets pray for Gods wisdom in all. I remember reading a prophetic dream posted in Holly Standeyo’s website (last year) about an event where earthquakes and nuclear war where predicted for May (2013). Ring Of Fire can also mean earthquakes. God bless all.

    Youtube Video


    May 2, 2013 at 7:03 pm

  2. If you don’t believe in the rapture, you might as well not believe at all.

    Rapture Ready

    May 3, 2013 at 1:45 am

    • Pre trib. post trib. mid trib. pre wrath or even no rapture. We all have the same hope of heaven by the blood of the Lamb of God. there is nothing more important than that. There is no scripture that says “Believe in the rapture and the sacrificial blood of the lamb and confess with your mouth and you will be saved.”

      It is very important for those of us who believe in it (speaking of the rapture) but it is Jesus who is our highest hope of salvation and rescue, not our limited understanding of how He is ultimately going to accomplish that rescue.
      To imply that someone shouldn’t bother to believe in their salvation if they don’t believe in the rapture, or some specific rapture time, is reckless at best and something I personally wouldn’t want to have to stand before God for, to give an accounting of such a statement. Have a care beloved of God.

      Blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ be upon us all.

      Terrence S.

      May 3, 2013 at 8:01 pm

  3. Oh! I believe. It is impossible for even two like-minded souls to agree on everything. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personnal saviour. It’s sad when people think they are superior to others just because they don’t agree with everything they believe is solid truth. We are all part of the family of God, or is it just people who believe in rapture! Thank You for that heart felt welcome to this forum. God bless.

    Israeli reserve troops ordered to report May 5.


    May 3, 2013 at 7:24 pm

  4. Does anyone know the name of the movie with the van having the J5C 888 license plate?


    September 7, 2013 at 9:26 pm

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