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Rapture on Pentecost is possible! May 7, 2013

The video linked below is full of information and a very possible scenario for the Rapture of the church to occur this year in Pentecost.

It is my opinion that the Rapture possibility on this Pentecost is very high and if I am pressed for a # it is above 60%.

Renee makes a statement at the end of the video placing the Rapture as occurring just before the start of the last 3 and one half years or what is known as the great tribulation. I do not agree with that part of her otherwise very good video. I belief it is prior to the 2520 days of tribulation that the bride is removed in the Rapture.


Steve Mullin (7 May 2013)
Great video by Renee Moses pointing to May 9/10 Rapture! 

Not sure if you have posted this Renee, but I wanted to just in case you didn’t. Good job putting the pieces together.
Steve Mullin

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