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Archive for May 23rd, 2013

The Nephilin are returning as in the days of Noah video by JR Church & Gary Stearman

As time marches on and the world spins out of control we look for answers in the Bible. Yes the Bible is the source of most of the information that has happened and that which is in the future and will happen.

The advances in technology and the knowledge that humans have acquired is astronomical. In my youth I pursued a degree in engineering and the scientific knowledge already available to us was extensive. For my mathematical calculations we used the slide ruler for help.

At the University the computers were beginning to be learned and I took a course in Fortram to program scientific equations. The computer that handled these operations occupied a whole building and it was an IBM 360.

Today I have several calculators and five computers and any of the computers is several times more powerful than the one the University had. This in the course of my life time.

The prophet Daniel was told by God that at the end times knowledge was to be increased and that it has. As the video below attempts to explain the origins of some of this knowledge originated from celestial beings that the Bible refers to as fallen angels. The Bible also states that in the future these fallen angels will be thrown down from heaven into earth along with their king Satan.

This is what had happened in the days of Noah before the flood.


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