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Technology has Brought the End Times and the Opening of the Prophetic Books by Pastor JD Farag June 3, 2013

This pastor from Hawaii has a gifted and eloquent prophetic ministry that thanks to the advance in technology and the internet brings his lectures and expositions to the comfort of our homes. He has expanded his Hawaiian congregation worldwide in the same manner that this blog has made him available to you.

That technology is the final catalyst to the prophetic fulfillment of the Bible is way beyond doubt as he points out in the video. It is a very good bible prophecy presentation and a strong supporter of the Rapture occurring very soon and pre-tribulation.


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  1. I sent this off to all on my e-mail list. Those who are saved would be encouraged and will send it off to others on their e-mail list. Those who are not saved will have something to think about. When the Rapture takes place they may just remember this e-mail message. I prayed that they would get right with their savior.
    Question: Do those who have a relationship with Jesus who do not believe in the pre-trib Rapture or any Rapture….will they go up in the Rapture? I’m thinking about some Catholic friends of mine as well as relatives.
    Thank you for being there with your excellent teachings.
    Much love in Jesus,
    Arliss Cooney

    • Arliss thank you for your words of encouragement.
      The question you post is difficult to answer as I am in the same position you are and worry about some of my relatives and friends.
      The most important thing to know is that Jesus is a perfect judge and a God who knows everything and has everlasting and infinite love. If you not knowing what He does are capable of worrying for your loved ones how much more will He be caring.
      There are millions of Christians and specially in the Catholic church who do not know the scriptures and their faith is like that of a baby that can only take in milk as the Apostle Paul said.
      The parable in Matthew 25 of the ten virgins is the parable that I have devoted more time in studying and trying to understand. It is the core of your question.
      At this point my best answer is the one I gave myself and that is to pray hard for those you love and are in doubt off.
      Again thank you


      June 6, 2013 at 8:55 pm

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