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The Apocalypse and the Rapture as seen through the eyes of Hollywood! June 14, 2012

Just prior to seeing the video below by Mr. Gary Stearman I was looking at the Weekend magazine on the Miami Herald and there is a review by the Herald’s movie critic Mr. Rene Rodriguez for the movie This is the End. This is not the only movie coming out on this subject, the other Rapture Palooza is also being advertized at this time.

First as I have stated before Satan knows the approximate time of the Rapture and the beginning of the Tribulations so he uses Hollywood to maximize the ridicule and the release of the movies as close as he can to what he thinks is the time.

The movie is what most people in the world will have access to after the Rapture and definitely there is no message here of salvation.

The only salvation possible at that time is tthe same as it is now through a total acceptance of Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

In the movie Rapture Palooza they identify the Antichrist as a black man and please notice the poster with his picture on it the same as Obama’s poster. It is ironic that they are ridiculing the concept of Obama as the Antichrist which is true and will lead people to eternal damnation for following him.


Prophecy in the News video

The Obama

This is the end Miami Herald article and the video trailer:

The Rapture Palooza trailer:

The Obama Hope Poster

Compare to the Antichrist poster in Rapture Palooza movie trailer

Nando end

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