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Modern Sacrifices for Evil gods, UFO’s mutilations. June 13, 2013

One of the few sources of good information about what is happening in the world that people know as extraterrestrials is found in and the video below is no exception.

The reason that this is important to divulge is that as we are approaching the time of the Apocalypse this phenomena is going to increase by leaps and bounds. Just look to Hollywood’s movies these days and it is a confirmation of the nearest of this seven year Biblical event.

Satan knows the timing as well as every good Bible reading Christian should. His minions and the world under his control are gearing up and positioning themselves to be in control and in power at the proper time.


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The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!!!! to the Golan Heights that is. June 12, 2013

I always wondered how in this age of satellites and spy machines modern armies could assemble without arising suspicion. We have the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 that list the countries that will try to invade the land of Israel and overrun the land. One way of using subterfuge to hide their true intentions is the way it is being done at the present time.

What if what appears in the outside to be a war from the two branches of Islam is only a ruse to move combatants into place for a full attack on Israel? If we see that it is Satan who is the driving force of Islam then the real objective is the assault and destruction of the Jews and Israel.

The video below is a very good analysis of the true intentions of these people .

On this side of the equation we see the Obama administration giving billions of dollars in weapons to Egypt and the Muslim brotherhood another enemy of Israel.


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Egypt and Ethiopia arguing over the waters of the Nile is it leading to the prophecy of Ezekiel 29? June 11, 2013

Mr. Gary Stearman has done a very good prophecy update concerning Egypt. It includes a gift of 1 billion+ to Egypt by the US government.

It is our contention in this blog and that of many Christians that the person of Barack Obama is to be the future Antichrist that will rule during the Apocalypse. He keeps acting against the best interest of the USA and of Israel and at the same time he says that his administration is the most friendly administration that Israel has ever had.

Double speak was introduced by the book 1984 of George Orswell and this administration has made it the official language of Washington. Secrecy and the copying of all conversations and e-mails is for the good of the Nation and this of course will not be used to persecute all those who for one reason or other do not agree with him.

The Tribulations are approaching fast with one Bible prophecy after the other lining up for fulfillment.

As a side note there are those who think that the seven year Tribulation has already started and I do not agree that they are correct. Obama is not the Antichrist yet but will be from day one of the seven years.



Egypt warns all options open for Ethiopia Nile dam
AP World

“If Egypt is the Nile’s gift, then the Nile is a gift to Egypt”

  • An Egyptian fishes with a net in the Nile River, in Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday, June 5
    Photo- AP

Egypt’s president on Monday hardened his stance against Ethiopia and its construction of a Nile dam, warning that “all options are open” in dealing with the project that threatens to leave Egypt with an alarming water shortage.

Speaking on live television before hundreds of supporters, Mohammed Morsi said Egypt is not calling for war, but it is willing to confront any threats to its water security.

“If it loses one drop, our blood is the alternative,” he said to a raucous crowd of largely Islamist supporters that erupted into a standing ovation.

Ethiopia’s $4.2bn hydroelectric dam, which would be Africa’s largest, challenges a colonial-era agreement that had given Egypt and Sudan the lion’s share of rights to Nile water. Experts estimate that Egypt could lose as much as 20% of its Nile water in the three to five years needed for Ethiopia to fill a massive reservoir.

“If Egypt is the Nile’s gift, then the Nile is a gift to Egypt,” Morsi said in his opening remarks.

The president’s speech reflected the importance of the Nile River to Egypt. It provides almost all of the fresh water to a country that is otherwise largely parched desert. As much as 85% of the Nile’s water comes from Ethiopia.

“We are not calling for war, but we will not allow, at all, threats against our water security,” Morsi said before adding, “all options are open.”

Morsi appeared to be using concern about Ethiopia’s megaproject to whip up nationalistic fervour ahead of protests planned against him later this month.

In the conference hall where Morsi delivered his speech, some of his supporters chanted slogans against Israel and accused it of colluding with Ethiopia to harm Egypt. Blaming Israel for Egypt’s problems is common here. Israel denied any connection to the construction of the dam.

Morsi said he would be willing to approach opposition groups in order to unite Egyptians around a common position with regard to the dam. This came after two prominent opposition parties declined an invitation to meet Morsi last week, citing a lack of transparency in dealing with national issues and a failure to listen to them.

Shifting his tone later in the speech, Morsi said that Egypt considers Ethiopia a “friend” and noted he has visited the country twice since taking office.

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Is the Tribulation ready to start? The Spreading of the Syrian Conflict June 7, 2013

The article on Debka file below is saying that Israel is on the verge of a regional war. Based on the advances  of Syria and Russia it looks that Assad has consolidated his power and developed a very dangerous army for Israel. The prophecy of Isaiah 17 concerning the destruction of Damascus is in the near horizon.


Qusayr was a debacle for the West and Israel: Aftershocks in Lebanon, Golan and Gaza Strip
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 6, 2013, 11:28 AM (IDT)
Syrian troops capture al Qusayr

Syrian troops capture al Qusayr

The Syrian rebels’ defeat in the key town of al Qusayr, Wednesday, June 6, was also a major strategic debacle for the US, Israel and Western Europe, the price they paid for leaving allied Syrian-Hizballah troops orchestrated by Iranian officers a clear field to win the day. The Syrian-Hizballah machine is now ready to capitalize on its victory and roll into Aleppo and southern Syria to extinguish rebel resistance there too. Israel is next in its sights.

Five months ago, on February 26, an exclusive debkafile video report, entitled “Bashar Assad, Ali Khamenei, Vladimir Putin and Hassan Nasrallah Have Won the War,” revealed how step by step Bashar Assad was turning the tide of war and recovering the initiative, backed by a broad alliance of Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hizballah.
This alliance is already at work building on its success – not just in the Syria conflict, but beyond its borders too.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has posted 20,000 troops on the Syrian border to seal it off against the passage of Sunni and al Qaeda reinforcements for the Syria rebels. Iraqi commandoes are preparing to launch raids against al Qaeda-linked forces in eastern Syria. The Nusra Front, for instance, appears to have vanished from the battlefield and keeping a low profile.

Syria’s half million Druzes, sheltering away from the conflict in their mountain villages on Jebel Druze in the south, were given an ultimatum by Hizballah to proclaim their loyalty to Bashar Assad or face attack.

Hizballah aggression against the Syrian Druzes would have major connotations for the community in Lebanon and its leader, Walid Jumblatt. On the other hand, if Syrian Druzes threw in their lot with the Assad regime, the Druzes of Lebanon would be forced to line up with Iran’s proxy. This realignment would counteract the Syrian rebels’ threat to strike Hizballah strongholds inside Lebanon. And these shifts would leave the Druze villagers on the Israeli Golan few options but to line up with the rest.

Unnoticed by Israel, the long arm of the Syrian war has reached deep into the Gaza Strip. Its Palestinian Hamas rulers lost no time in jumping on the winning bandwagon. A delegation is already in Tehran waiting to plead for a new military cooperation pact.
Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal faced heavy pressure to turn away from their ties with Turkey and Qatar and renew the military pact Hamas signed with Iran and Hizballah in September 2012
The pressure came from Marwan Issa, deputy commander of Hamas’s military wing, the Ezz a-din al-Qassam Brigades –  who fled the Gaza Strip after Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation against Hamas rockets, and stayed in Tehran ever since – and Mahmoud a-Zahar, who lost the politburo slot to Meshaal.

Thursday June 6, the Hamas military wing suddenly issued a declaration of allegiance to Iran and Hizballah.
Hamas is in desperate need of a new patron and even more of cash. Turkey and Qatar have cut off funds to the radical Palestinian movement and so its rulers, with the al Qusayr victory resounding strongly in their ears, turned back to Tehran and Hizballah to beg for funding to buy rockets.

This side-effect of the Syrian war and Hizballah’s successful role there is bad news for Israel. Back under the thumb of Iran and its proxy, Hamas is more than likely to scrap its ceasefire deal with Israel after nine months of rocket-free border calm, in its eagerness to rejoin the winning side of the Syrian war.
This would be a strategic slap in the face for Israel and the Obama administration, which helped broker the ceasefire last year, and a major hurdle in the path of US Secretary of State John Kerry and his hard work for reviving the Israeli-Palestinian peace track.

With two anti-Israel warfronts looming on the Golan and the Gaza Strip, no Palestinian Authority figure, including Mahmoud Abbas, would venture to sit down with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

The Syrian-Hizballah victory in Qusayr exposed the hollowness of the US-European-Israeli posture of non-intervention in the Syrian conflict. While all three backed away from confirming the outbreak of chemical warfare in Syria, aside from empty threats,  Moscow, Tehran and Baghdad managed to repair the inroads made on Assad’s military power by two and-a-quarter years of hard fighting, and fashion a combined Syrian-Hizballah fighting machine capable of crushing the Syrian uprising.
Having proved its mettle in an epic victory, the Syrian-Hizballah partnership confronts Israel, Jordan and the US forces posted there with plans to follow up in its success in two stages: First, to conquer Aleppo and southern Syria and clear them of rebels; second, to use the Golan as a jumping-off base to face Israel on the battlefield.
Already, their campaign to seize the town of Quneitra on the Syrian side of Golan has begun. The roar of gunfire and shells heard distinctly in Israel Thursday, June 6, told Israel’s war leaders in no uncertain terms that the war front against Hizballah had shifted from southern Lebanon to the Golan.

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June 6, 2013 this Rapture Day Arrived by Two Ladies Very Knowledgeable in Prophetic Scripture

Today I have seen two articles that both allude to tomorrow June 6, 2013 can be the day of the Rapture and the beginning of the Tribulations.  They both are using the Jewish calendar dates and both ladies are very knowledgeable in scripture.

The data about Obama given in the video can be substantiated with articles in this blog.

If as stated it becomes true tomorrow will also see the appearance of the two witnesses of Revelation 11.

Most readers will have a hard time following the reasoning and the scriptures referred in these presentations but the important thing is to read and watch it. If you do the meaning of what is conveyed will become apparent.

Please watch the video of pastor JD Farag in this blog which along with these two will give the reader a good sense of the possibility that tomorrow will be the start of the tribulation and the Rapture of the church.

Janet Herscu article:

NO!….we DON’T QUIT!…..below are a few more speculative but significant points w/ a focus on a Thursday JUNE 6th Rapture since EVERYTHING still FITS!

JUNE 6 is FOUR mths (“then the Harvest”) past FEB 6 which was 355 days (1-yr warning/SHANA = 300+50+5) past the start of the COUNTED 1-yr warning (Feb 17, 2012 – Feb 6, 2013). The ‘uncounted/zero’ year spanned Jan 29, 2011 (Shevat 24/Jerusalem Rev 11 UFO) to Feb 17, 2012 (Shevat 24). Shevat 24 in both cases is 11th mth/888.

40 days (world chaos/N. Invasion of Israel/Gog Magog/Ezek 38-39) past JUNE 6 is AV 9 (July 16, 2013), the probable Divine Victory in the mts of Israel…..worst FAST DAY on the Jewish calendar. An AV 9 Victory would validate God’s prophetic re-intervention into Israel’s affairs, namely SAFETY & SECURITY. If applicable, July 16 is also CANCER 24 (11th sign/judgment, 888).

If the 40 days is significant, the #40 is TESTING; and Israel will be in a fearful 40-day ‘quandry’ (their faith tested) in hopes of a rescue from the Invasion (Syria/Iran, etc)…..spec.

June 6 (Rapture?) is GEMINI 15, the exact middle of the 10th sign: the TWINS (Jesus & Church) ‘walking together in harmony’ (Bride & Groom).

Thurs, June 6, 2013 is exactly 22 days past SIVAN 6/SHAVUOT. In hindsight after the trib when the earth is straight, it will be ‘AS IF’ we were raptured on Shavuot after all. See FACTS ABOUT SHAVUOT/internet, former letter.

June 6, 2013, is 46 yrs past June 5-10, 1967 (matching the 46 yrs of John 2:20).

SEVEN months of burying bodies, bldg 3rd Temple spans AV 10 (July 17) to ADAR 10, 2014 (Feb 10)….7 Jewish mths/208 days to the start of 3rd Temple Worship. Add exactly 2300 days of the TEMPLE DESECRATION (Dan 8:13-14) to arrive to May 30, 2020/SIVAN 6, Jesus’ ISAIAH 63 Temple Entrance to RE-consecrate (from Petra w/ Remnant). May 30. 2020 is also 1290 past mid trib (Nov 17, 2016).

The RETURN Thurs, April 30, 2020 (2520 days past JUNE 6, 2013) minus 22 days (tilt loss as earth straightens) is PASSOVER, 2020; but since the earth will likely take 3 days to straighten (to compensate for the 3 mid-trib days when a.c. is dead), the date the earth is straight is NISAN 17, the commanded “Beginning of Days.”

By NISAN 17, 2020 the Mazzarot date will also TAURUS 11, synchronizing w/ APRIL 11, NISAN 17.

NISAN 17, 2020 is 6 months past SUCCOTH, 2019 which is STILL in the TEVET 1, 2018 (5779) year count. Thus Succoth 2019 minus the 18 ‘uncounted yrs’ is SUCCOTH 2001, Celebration Day of the Start of the 121st Jubilee/7th Millennium. 2018 completes all the FIG TREE PATTERNS which began in 1898 (see last letter). If Israel’s History counts end at 2018 instead of 2019, then 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ are to be considered instead of 18 yrs.

The RETURN at Thurs, April 30, 2020 is IYYAR 6; and May 15, 1948/first full day of Israel’s established STATEHOOD was IYYAR 6 as well.

Mid-trib (1260 past June 6 Rapture) is Thurs, Nov 17, 2016, CHESVAN 16…….8th mth 16th day…..8,88 on the Jewish calendar……a day Satan (via a.c.) would relish on the calendar…..spec.

When all is considered and the earth is straight (with the -22 days considered taking 3 days to accomplish/thus -19 days), the actual trib span is SHAVUOT 2013 to NISAN 17, 2020, start of the Millennium.

Believing ISRAEL will get their MESSIAH back on HIS RESURRECTION DAY, the DAY their LAMB AROSE, conquering DEATH….the great NISAN 17.

Anyway, this Thursday, June 6 looks good.

Renee Moses video link:

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Technology has Brought the End Times and the Opening of the Prophetic Books by Pastor JD Farag June 3, 2013

This pastor from Hawaii has a gifted and eloquent prophetic ministry that thanks to the advance in technology and the internet brings his lectures and expositions to the comfort of our homes. He has expanded his Hawaiian congregation worldwide in the same manner that this blog has made him available to you.

That technology is the final catalyst to the prophetic fulfillment of the Bible is way beyond doubt as he points out in the video. It is a very good bible prophecy presentation and a strong supporter of the Rapture occurring very soon and pre-tribulation.


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What makes Christianity different to other religions “Resurrection” June 2, 2013

One of the underlying foundations of the Christian faith is the Resurrection. This means that all humans who have and will be born will experience a resurrection of their bodies after they die. This resurrection will be unto incorruptible and eternal material bodies. These bodies will be able to interact with the physical universe.

Jesus who is the third member of the Trinity clothed Himself with human flesh and was born in this world for the whole purpose of redeeming humanity by dying on the cross in full payment for all the sins of every human that ever lived. His death and divinity was asserted through the power of His Resurrection where He conquered death and proofed His Divinity and ruler ship over all things.

The June magazine of Prophecy in the News is all about the resurrection and the Rapture and here is the link to some of its articles.


June 2013 Magazine

By on June 1, 2013

The Promise of Resurrection

Jesus called Himself “the resurrection and the life.” He personally demonstrated the reality of resurrection to a cynical and unbelieving world. Our blessed hope is built upon His personal triumph. In both Testaments, prophecy is centered upon the promise of eternal life in a resurrected body.
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Seven Views of the Rapture

The Bible features seven distinct events that involve some form of rapture (the catching-away of an individual or group.) Together, they give us a clear picture that reveals the nature of the long-awaited Rapture of the church.

Ask Gary

This month, Gary answers three Bible questions. The first is about “the day and the hour” spoken of by Jesus. Question two asks about the age of accountability and the Tribulation. Number three deals with how and where resurrected Christians will live during the Millennium.

New Products For June 2013

Giants in America? L.A. Marzulli and Russ Dizdar hosted the Nephilim Mounds Conference from the home of the Serpent Mound where gigantic Nephilim once walked the Earth! Here’s the spectacular proof! In 2011, Terry James had a heart attack, died and came back to life! Read the story of his trip to the other side! And read the Jewish perspective on the Last Days!
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Bob Reviews On the Trail of the Nephilim

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Eschatology 101: The Return of Israel: Part 2

This article by J.R. Church is the second half of an article published in our April 2013 issue. This portion concludes J.R.’s very special perspective on the history of Israel, and includes a number of important historical references.

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