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Judgment is Coming be Prepared, love Jesus July 2, 2013

It is always very encouraging to read of other people experiences with Jesus and this one in particular brings a message of hope and of Judgment soon to come.


Kim (2 July 2013)

Dear Doves:

Here is my encounter with the Lord this past February.  He has told me to release it now.  Judgement is here.  Darkness is coming.

Sorry it is long.  The encounter lasted for 2 days and 2 nites.

Love in Christ,




Now for the encounter with the Lord……. On February 22nd I started hearing heavenly music 24 hours a day.  Now when I say music I mean full orchestration  with tubular bells and angels singing loud.   Then on the night of February 25th at 7:30 pm Scott, my husband got saved and born again all at the same time in our living room.   I looked at the clock.  You are going to flip when I tell you what happened next.

My husband was not saved.  I have been witnessing to him for 18 years.  I started talking about his mother and started crying.  (She had done something very cruel on Christmas Eve, 2012.  She hates God.)   Then he started crying.   I told him how Jesus could take away the pain and sorrow.   He wants your burden.  Give it to Jesus.   I said, “I am going to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, don’t you want to go with me”?  I feel like I can’t go unless you go with me.”   I got the Bible and said the time is NOW, not later NOW!   Let’s read it together, so I opened it and I said how much I love the Lord and started crying some more.  Don’t you love Jesus.  He said, yes.  I accept.   I put the Bible on the floor and got on my knees.   I  pleaded,  “Lord please talk to me”.   I fully expected to hear from the Lord at this point.   Scott was in the chair.  Before I could start reading all of a sudden………………………

The Lord appeared in the air above and in front of me at about 5 feet.     I said, “Lord you are here”!!!  ” Oh, Lord I love you!!!!” I was so shocked and full of joy at the same  time He was smiling so lovingly.   Well I really lost it then, crying with joy.    He came down  He hugged me and said “I love you too”!!  I want you to read your Bible everyday as much as possible right now”.  I am coming soon, much sooner that anyone thinks””.

He appeared as if in another dimension that was gold colored in a type of body that looked like a pencil drawing, yet animated and was in 3d.   I could hear him and I could feel him and the heat of his body when he embraced me.   And feel his breath when he whispered in my ear.  “READ YOUR BIBLE”.   I can see him, Scott cannot.

Then Jesus goes over and puts his arms around Scott.   Scott falls out of the over stuffed living room chair onto the floor.  (Mind you, this is a man 5’ 11 280 lbs.)  They are both on the floor.  Scott really loses it now, crying.  I say, “can you see him”?  He says no,  but  He can feel the warmth of his body, and feel his embrace, but cannot see or hear him. I tell him Jesus says, “He loves you and understands your pain”.   I have never seen my husband so overcome.   (He was a beaten and mentally abused his entire childhood by his dad and never allowed to cry during the beatings)

The angels (no wings) appear all around us and they hugging us, Jesus, Scott and me.  This went on for about 20 minutes.   Healing and love abounded.  Hallelujah!!

Scott is just “slain in Spirit” crying.   The angels minister to him the whole time of this experience.

There is more…….

Then Jesus gets out a book on a pulpit stand and runs his finger down the page in the middle of the book,   a little way down the page and stops.  He confirms the names.   He smiles and shakes his head “yes” to me.  I realize it is the “Lamb’s Book of Life” an angel walks up to him and hands him a large white box.  It was the size of coat box like the ones you get a Christmas when you receive clothes.  The Jesus opens the box and smiles and says to me “This is your wedding dress”.  He shows it to me.   It was a white  taffeta type of sheer voile with large ruffles.  So beautiful.  He takes it out of the box and says, “raise up your arms” like when you are a little kid and your mother is dressing you.   He puts it on over my clothes and stands back and says “Beautiful”  like an admiring Father, smiling like a “proud papa”.

Then I said to him, “Where is my Mama, I want my Mama”.   Then an angel escorts my Mother over to me.  I say, “I love you Mama” and she says, “I love you too, Darling”.    I then look for my Dad.  He is there and tells me he loves me.  He very serious look on his face.  I am puzzled?

Jesus takes me by the hand and leads me to another angel that has a wooden box in her hands.   She opens the box and hands Jesus a golden object of pure gold.   This  rectangular plate is 7 inches long  x 3 inches wide and about  1/4 inch thick.   Molded on top of that was a smaller rectangular plate that was 5 inches long x 2 inches wide and about a little more than a 1/4 inch thick.  On top of that was a smaller rectangular looking  plate that was 1 1/2 inches long x 1/2 wide and 1/2 thick.  I am thinking, “What is this?”

Jesus said, “Hold out your arm”..  I held out my arm and he gently took hold and bent my arm in front of my body.  Then he said, “Hold still”.  He is suddenly very serious.   He placed the plate to my left forearm and sealed it with his touch.

 He then blew his breath on forehead, (I thought he was going to kiss my forehead)  smiled.  In my mind I am thinking, “Is this the 144,000?”   He smiled and said, “ You are of Judah”.    ‘’I love you.  Read your Bible everyday.”  Then he sang a song Read your Bible, read your Bible everyday”.  He has the cutest most whimsical smile.


I had been hearing the music to  “Read your Bible Everyday” and many others  for days.  When I say music I mean a “full on orchestra with angels singing in a like a cathedral.   And the songs kept changing.  Beautiful songs.   Those angels can really “get down” when they play.   There were also musical instruments that I cannot describe that are beautiful.  I kept saying to Scott do you hear the music?  It was loud, so loud, that when Scott talked to me I almost could not hear him.

[On a side note……. this happened to me  about 3 years ago.   That lasted for weeks also.  Then the music would got progressively quieter as time pasted.  We lived in the mountains in Northern Arizona.  I was in the back yard watching 3 rainbows in the sky when music finally stopped that time and I said “Thank you and goodbye”.  What a concert!!!]

Then he stepped back and pointed and a line people started coming up to me like at a receiving line at a wedding.  There were men, women and children dresses in from different time periods in history.  I said, “Who are all these people?”  Then a little girl said, “You prayed for us.  We love you”!!  They were throwing fine white flakes on me like rice at a wedding.

Then Jesus got very serious again and said, “I have to go now, read your  Bible everyday, time is short.  I love you”.   Then he was gone.    He seemed to be in a real hurry.   They were all gone.  But, the music was still playing loudly.   I looked at the clock it was 8:30.   I looked at the pillows my brown sofa and they were covered with the fine white dust that the people were tossing at me.  IT WAS STILL THERE!!

I looked over at Scott, he is beaming!!! So, happy, he is.  He has completely changed.  He is Born Again.  Hallelujah!!!!  We are exhausted.

There is more…..

Well, about 15 min  later I sit down on the sofa to rest.   All of sudden here  comes a procession of my ancestors  and angels (big; 6-7 feet and small; 1 to 3 feet)  in line again each one introducing themselves.  After about an hour I say, “ I have to lay down”. They all follow me into my bedroom.  They keep coming in the line above my bed.  This 2 straight days and nights.   The little angels were lying all over my bed with me.  I had move one because she was sleeping and I thought I might squish her if I moved.    She was 1 foot tall and weight about 2 lbs.  She was so adorable, like a little doll.  She stretched and yawned when I move her.


  I met my older brother whom my Mother miscarried before my birth.  I met my  Maternal Great Grandfather.    He looked like Colonel Sanders, white suite, white hat and white mustache.   A very handsome man.

One of my Grandfathers had a suit of armor on like in medieval times.  He saluted me and shook his head “yes”.  He seemed to be the oldest of my relatives.   Jesus keeps popping in like he is checking on me.   They all keep saying, read your Bible.

 Finally after 2 days Jesus says “she is exhausted you have to come in now”.  They all sigh.   I did not want them to go either.  Jesus opens a big wooden door they all file in, looking back and waving goodbye… Jesus says, read your Bible.  I love you” and closed the door.  I was so comforted by them all.   As before like my sofa my bed pillows were covered with the fine white flakes.

I cannot see the plate now.    But I feel its weight of about 4 oz.   It is activated by reading my BIBLE and PRAYING.  When read my Bible it seems to get warm and vibrate a little.

Hallelujah!!!!!  Praise Jesus!!!!!

I have had many encounters since I was a child.  I have seen angels in flesh 2 times.   The Lord has saved my life 29 times from attacks of the evil ones.  I have been physically attacked by demons 2 times.  I have been taken to heaven in the spirit by angel once.  I heard the audible voice of Jesus once.  Many other dreams and so forth.  But this is the first time I ever had an encounter such as the one described above.

The Lord wanted me to tell you this now for encouragement.  What is coming now is judgement of America.  You are in the Lord’s Army.  Stay at your post.   Don’t “fall away” when things don’t happen the way you have always been told they would.  Don’t let the evil one sell you a “bill of goods”.   He said he is coming it is his decision, not your interpretation.   Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

You are going to meet Jesus whether “you come to him” or “he comes to you” when you die.   Love the Lord with all your heart and all your mind.  If you want to truly know him.  Read the words in RED in your New Testaments.  Read the first 5 books of the Old Testament,  They will tell you who you are and where you are going.  Perfect love casteth out all fear.  Fear not he will be with us unto the end of the world.  You are special generation all of God’s blessings  are flowing to you.   You are the last of your kind.   Stand fast.  Don’t let the demons steal your blessings through unbelief and disappointment.   Remember it is always darkest before the dawn.   REPENT

My life is the will of YHWH( The Great I AM) thru the RUACH HA KODESH (Holy Spirit) and YESHUAH HA MACHIACH  (Jesus Christ, the Messiah)   Hallelujah!!

KCB                                                                  -4-

Nando end

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