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Charles Thanks for replying to Nando’s license plates July 5, 2013

Charles I am glad that you believed my testimony, by doing so you became aware of this means of communication that is possible between you and Jesus. If you are a man of God and hold the scriptures close to your heart then Jesus may use you to convey a message to the world in these approaching Apocalyptic times.

It is very important to understand the limitations in this form of communication and the characteristics of the events.

First it is as random an event as you can get, when you are driving cars come into your view in a random manner and at times you may have only one or two seconds to see and memorize the license plate.

To understand if the license you saw was a message or you just happened to see it by chance you need to know a little of mathematical probability. This means what are the probability that what you saw happened by chance and its meaning was imagined by you.

Now if the probabilities tell you that it is impossible that what you saw was by chance then it means that you saw something orchestrated by God to communicate with you, in other words a miracle so that you pay attention to the message and risk ridicule from those who find your story simply that of a lunatic that have lost control of reality. Case in point your wife’s comments and also my families and friends comments even when they are witnesses to the events.

With this in mind keep thinking that every time I go out in these days the message keeps repeating of Jesus maintaining me committed and alert.

This morning I receive a call from my daughter who is leaving the Florida Keys after a one week vacation with her husband, kids and in-laws that she wanted to tell me that they had been stuck in the hotel because a red car was blocking the way and it turned out that the car had the license plate 777 on it. This daughter sees this plate and the 77 quite often and she calls me always to tell me. I seldom go out so their testimony is also as if I was present to see it.

A few hours after that I had to go to the bank and the first car I see a block away from my house had the license plate 888 —. This is the Greek gematria value of Jesus. On the way back I see a car with the # 277 on it. So there you go I saw maybe 25 cars in the trip, figure the probability of it having occurred by chance. P= 25 / (1000 x 100) or 1 / 4,000. This is considered beyond the probability for a chance event. It helps that I took a post graduate course in Statistical Analysis for Business Majors at FIU in Miami to relly get a good feeling of the numbers and chances of what I see and that I have been practicing engineering for more than 46 years.

Yes judgment is coming to the world and to America and based on the frequency of the communications I would say that very soon.

By the way the number 9119 can be read both ways L to R and R to L. and both ways it has 911 to start, the number is flanked by nines and the 11 at the middle which can also be read both ways.

The link to the 11


Charles (5 July2013)
This one is for Nando all Doves can share

Well getting up I saw there was an EQ in Lake Erie by mentor 3.2 whaat? Pondering this I see a license plate BDA9119. Bow Down America (repent)? 9119 judgemnet is coming (9) The Lord 119. Psalm 119 the middle of the bible the split in the word. The double edged sword the opposite of 911 revelation 9:11!

Then I saw a road sign flashing caution road work ahead. The narrow path? Then a billboard lift them up then one saying coming this fall Rosh Hoshanna?

But back to the license plate I saw the 9 and said in my head when and looked left a plate said DAZ. Ok so are license plates and billboards saying that America needs to bow down and repent because judgemnet of The Lord is days away and pointing to a fall rapture. The thing is Rosh is a Thursday and after the fireworks.

My wife says I just think of these things so I see the correlations really how do you make a plate up saying GODSCHILD. I believe you Nando I am seeing things in plates and signs also. The veil is lifting but the meaning is up to the Spirit in interpreting.

Nando end

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