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Prophecy a True View of Tomorrow J.D. Farag July 21 Prophecy Update July 22, 2013

This prophecy Update is long, more than an hour and it covers many important subjects that must be listened to.

The pastor gives reasons for the importance of prophecy in the spreading of the Word to those that do not know Jesus. It is a powerful convincing tool to tell somebody what is going to happen tomorrow and say that it was written thousands of years ago by a prophet of God to tell us before the prophecies are fulfilled so that we can believe all that is written.

God controls and created time, humans, the angels and those who became demons and fallen angels and all the Universe. By His power He sustains all of it and is in absolute control of even the most minute of details as the number of hairs in our heads.

Pastor Farag is an outstanding speaker with a firm control of the Word and a dinamic presentation.


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