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Syria by pastor JD Farag of Hawaii

A Thursday prophecy update of 8/29/13 by JD Farag. Thanks to link by Steve T.


Steve T (31 Aug 2013)
Pastor JD’s Mid-Week Prophecy Update – Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Hi John and Doves
Pastor JD’s Mid-Week Prophecy Update – Thursday, August 29th, 2013
Steve T

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JW (29 Aug 2013) “Rapture VS. No Rapture. By Patrick Heron”

It is important that we listen to this gifted speaker in the subject of the Rapture, thanks to JW for the link provided.


JW (29 Aug 2013)
Rapture VS. No Rapture.    By Patrick Heron

I included this link in the post to Marilyn Agee, but though it deserved its own link.
This is very well done Patrick.

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Another post by JW of Patrick

The Coming Slaughter of Christians. P. Heron


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Another post by JW of Patrick

(VIDEO) Is The USA in End Times Prophecy? By Patrick Heron

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Russia and china warn USA about attack on Syria Aug 29. 2013

A must see video to put things into perspective.

His eloquent delivery is a direct result of the anger manifested in this person. The reasoning behind his arguments is solid.

Who is responsible for this chemical nerve attack? It surely defies the logic that Syria had anything to gain by it and logic screams that it had everything to loose by doing it.

Thanks to BG Ellis of


BG Ellis
(VIDEO) WW3: Russia and China Warn of “Catastrophic Consequences” in Syria

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More videos of the same subject:

BG Ellis

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Are the heavens anouncing the start of the Apocalypse? a study using Luis Vega charts Aug 29, 2013

There are two posts today in that are very significant in the determination of the start of the day of the Lord or the seven year Tribulation called the Apocalypse.

The first is an excellent article by Mr. Luis Vega with a link to some charts he produced of the heavens and the link to the sign of the woman and the dragon shown in Rev :12. The other is by BG Ellis. The links to both are given below.


Blood Moon Rising! Jesus Returning Soon? Carl Gallups explains

and the one for Luis Vega:

Luis Vega (29 Aug 2013)
Rev 12 Heavenly Sign: 2017 – the Coming Middle-East & Celestial Wars


I will try to explain what I see in the post of Luis Vega and the video of Gallups.

First I must say that I believe that the 70th week of years of the prophet Daniel 9:27 and the span of time from Rev 6 to 19 are the same. I also believe that the seven seals, seven trumpets and seven bowls are in series and that none occur in parallel or in any combination that the readers imagination wants to put it. The word is precise and orderly and rev12 does not come at the same time or before rev7.

At Rev 11 we see the role of the two witnesses and it says that their testimony is 1260 days long and they are killed, remain dead 3 1/2 days and are resurrected, at Rev11:4 it says this ends the second woe or 6th trumpet.

Next we see the 7th trumpet sound and the coming of the seven cups of wrath.

At this point with Rev12 the woman and the dragon are shown. The woman was pregnant and the dragon was ready to devour the child. On verse 6 the woman fled to the desert for 1260 days to be protected. Rev 13 is a continuation of the narrative and shows the dragon coming out of the sea and in Rev13:6,14 was given 3 1/2 Years to exercise its authority.

From these two chapters we see the same period of time 3 1/2 years that are describing the same period one describes what will happen to Israel at the same time that the other describes the dragon doing his thing in the rest of the world. This is to me the great tribulation.

Going back from the description of the woman in the heavens a period of 1260 days we can determine the start of this seven year time period, or the beginning of the ministry of the two witnesses of Rev 11. The 3 1/2 days that they are dead could be a period between the two halves or as I am more inclined to think include in the last 3 1/2 years.

In Luis Vega’s article and charts he gives the most probable date for the sign of the virgin and dragon to appear as September 23, 2017. Going back 1260 days from that date ( we get the date April 12, 2014 which is 3 days before the blood moon lunar eclipse that falls on Passover April 15, 2014, the first of the moon tetrads. It is important to understand also that at the start of the tribulation the years will revert back to 360 days in a year so the calendar dates will not coincide any more with the ones we have now but the position of the constellations will keep their order and each will align with 30 days.

The Rapture of the church in my opinion could occur at any time before the start of the Tribulations. It could well be today and the world would still have a few months to the Tribulation.

All the numbers are based on the date of the virgin of Rev 12 in the sky and as such it could be on a different year and the scenario be off.

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Mary Anna (28 Aug 2013) “God of Wonders: Scientists prove Almighty God’s existence through Science”

Thanks for the links Mary Anna.


Mary Anna (28 Aug 2013)
God of Wonders: Scientists prove Almighty God’s existence through Science

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Written by twelvebooks

August 28, 2013 at 5:23 pm

The # 7’s found in the first verse of the Bible Aug 28, 2013

The number seven as shown on the first verse of the Bible and its divine significance.

Thanks to Mary Anna at today.


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Written by twelvebooks

August 28, 2013 at 12:06 pm

Is a large war coming to the middle east? Aug 17, 2013

The article and video shown below are from a purely political and military perspective but is a very good analysis of the situation in the middle east right now.

It is refreshing to see an objective and concise analysis of what is happening in the middle east without a rose colored politically correct diagnosis. Most of what we get from the main news outlets is pablum meant to hypnotize us into a stupor of well being without a warning of the consequences we will have to endure when all these crisis coalesce to become the world war III.

The speaker Mr. Royer Boyer is an excellent speaker and very bright to access the perils that are brewing in this caldron of hate and animosity between the two Islamic currents and the same from both to Israel.

We must dig deeper than the obvious to see the ebb of forces and currents that are guiding this flow of war and destruction that is taking place under our noses. Is anybody asking the question why is Syria using chemical weapons on such a few of its citizens and what could be their military or political objectives? This is if Syria was the culprit and not somebody else.

If Syria was the one then are they trying to provoke the USA, UK and France into attacking so that they can claim to be the victims of the West and give them the unifying element needed to attack the common enemy Israel, or are they being pushed into this to start a conflict that will give them Obama and allies the war to implement the one world government? or all  of the above?


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The future of Syria from Bible Prophecy Aug 27, 2013

Most of you have heard many Christians talking about the times we are living in as the last times. What does it mean the last times or the end of the world?

For the majority of the people in the world it would mean the complete destruction of the world and they see this possibility happening through natural causes to many to enumerate and others for human actions like the destruction of nature through pollution, over population or wars with nuclear weapons.

Before continuing to read this article take a pause and think what is your belief?

Well if you did let me guide you to a different direction for you to take and that is what if there is a Being that many call God and that includes this writer of the Bible that is all powerful and to whom the future is known before it happens in all its infinitesimal dimensions to the complete scope of the universe?

We marvel at the capacity of the NSA to store data of all the phone calls and internet traffic for some years and we discard the voluminous data that has been given to us through the Bible prophetic writings of what will happen in the times we are living?

We can consider ourselves blessed to be living at the time in the History of the world that the prophecies of the Bible are being fulfilled at an accelerated pace.

The Bible is a book whose author is God and that is written to inform humans of what He wants us to know about His plans with us. He also informs us by these writings of what the enemy of humanity and God is doing to destroy His plan and will.

The power of God is manifested through His complete and 100% fulfillment of what is to occur in the future.

It is for this reason that I can write here and know with 100% certainty that the city of Damascus will disappear as a city in the near future. With the same certainty I can state that the state of Israel will survive all the onslaught of war after war after war from every nation of the world.

If you want prophecy fulfilled that can be verified, look at the Nation of Israel which disappeared as a Nation in 70 AD came back to life (resurrection) on May 14, 1948 as shown in the valley of bones (think Holocaust) of Ezekiel 36-37 and Isaiah 66:8 (Who has ever heard of such things? Who has ever seen things like this? Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment? Yet no sooner is Zion in labor than she gives birth to her children.)

There are many other prophecies that are being fulfilled or are in alignment for it as the rise of the Antichrist and the false prophet, the one world government, the destruction of Egypt the rise in earthquakes, rebellion, sin and innumerable things to list that make up the fabric of today’s world.

Below you find a prophecy daily news update by Mr. Gary Stearman  whose title is : Is Syria fulfilling Bible Prophecy?


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Aug 25, 2013 Prophecy Update JD Farag Aug 26, 2013

Written by twelvebooks

August 26, 2013 at 10:25 pm

Satan, fallen angels, Nephillin and the evidence they left behind Aug 26, 2013

This video is long, about 1hr and 50+ minutes, but full of information and excellent.

The subject are the fallen angels, the children with humans, Nephillin and Giants all over the world.

This is important to know because we must understand who the enemy is and how he operates in the spiritual realm.

As we approach the Day of the Lord Satan and all the fallen angels will increase their activity and control. Only those who belong to Jesus will be able to fend the attacks.


Barry Amundsen (23 Aug 2013)
New Trey Smith Video on the Nephilim

This Trey Smith is a very interesting person. Quite a story or testimony and has just come out with a new video about the nephilim that he has been working on for some time. I’m fixing to watch it now but thought I’d pass it on to you all first. His other videos are always amazing, informative, entertaining and sometimes spectacular and really get you inspired and thinking. So this should be good!

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