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Psalm 83 Israel at war with the Arab neihbors, July 28 2013 prophecy update of pastor JD Farag Aug 1, 2013

In the past few days I have been slow in posting good prophetic articles and videos. My time has been taken up with many things, some personal but others in viewing presentations of the prophecy conference in Colorado at the end of July. For a fee of $50 dollars you can access all of the presentations in the three days. I have not finished all of them, but urge all the readers that can afford the $50 to go to and buy the video watching for a whole month duration.

In this post I am linking the July 28 2013 prophecy update of pastor JD Farag where he covers the next coming war of the adjoining Arab neighbors against Israel. This coming war is known as the Psalm 83 war, but in a way Israel has been at war with these people in various times past. The difference is that they all join together in a confederacy to wipe Israel of the map. The result of this endeavor is the complete destruction of these nations at the hand of Israel and the expanding of Israel’s territory to occupy all the territories of these warring nations.

It is worth pointing out at this point that from that moment on to the end of a seven year period known as the Apocalypse war and destruction will be the main condition of the world until the end of the seven years when Jesus Christ returns with all His resurrected Saints to stablish His Millennium Kingdom.


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