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Apostacy on the church, Christian Palestianism Aug 16, 2013

It is a great honor and pleasure to bring to you this wonderful video presentation by Mr. Paul Wilkinson  on the subject of Christian Palestianism. For those of you like myself included it is something I knew was there but I could not put it together in a coherent presentation that shows the evil behind this movement.

The movement goes hand in hand with liberation theology in seeking to eliminate Israel and the everlasting promises that God made to their patriarchs concerning the Kingdom and their possession of the land.

The success of the movement is indicative of the apostasy that is running rampart in Christianity. This evil antisemitic theology is a true indication of the closeness of the Rapture and the return of Jesus.

The day of the Lord is at the door and the apostate state of a great part of the Christian church is an indication of prophecy fulfilled as the church looks almost entirely as a Laodicean church found in Rev 3:14-22.

Thank you David H. for the link.


David H (15 Aug 2013)
Christian palestinianism 

A video to watch.

You will have to deal with these teachings and stand up to them.

God bless,

 David H.

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