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Is a large war coming to the middle east? Aug 17, 2013

The article and video shown below are from a purely political and military perspective but is a very good analysis of the situation in the middle east right now.

It is refreshing to see an objective and concise analysis of what is happening in the middle east without a rose colored politically correct diagnosis. Most of what we get from the main news outlets is pablum meant to hypnotize us into a stupor of well being without a warning of the consequences we will have to endure when all these crisis coalesce to become the world war III.

The speaker Mr. Royer Boyer is an excellent speaker and very bright to access the perils that are brewing in this caldron of hate and animosity between the two Islamic currents and the same from both to Israel.

We must dig deeper than the obvious to see the ebb of forces and currents that are guiding this flow of war and destruction that is taking place under our noses. Is anybody asking the question why is Syria using chemical weapons on such a few of its citizens and what could be their military or political objectives? This is if Syria was the culprit and not somebody else.

If Syria was the one then are they trying to provoke the USA, UK and France into attacking so that they can claim to be the victims of the West and give them the unifying element needed to attack the common enemy Israel, or are they being pushed into this to start a conflict that will give them Obama and allies the war to implement the one world government? or all  of the above?


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