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Sept 29, 2013 God’s numbers identify Obama as the Antichrist or 666 by John Tng

The following you-tube video linked below is excellent and I say this because its content is of a transcendental nature for the unveiling of the number one enemy of God and humanity the Antichrist, or the 666.

Since the start this evil man that the Bible alludes extensively through many prophecies is directly and numerically identified with President Barack Hussein Obama. This is not the first time that Mr. John Tng has done this and I will link at the end of this post to two other times that reveal who he is done by Mr. Tng.

John may God keep blessing you by revealing His hidden patterns and perfect control of the History of mankind to you.


John Tng (29 Sep 2013)
I made my first YouTube clip!

Dear Doves,

I finally made my first YouTube clip!

Remember to select 1080 HD.



UFO and Fallen Angels changing human DNA

Well here I am again on the subject of UFO’s. I am posting a video that many of you probably saw already as it appeared on the MSN web site today.

Ever since the 1940’s and specially after the creation of the State of Israel there have been a very big increase in sightings of UFO’s, stories of abductions and aliens.

A few years back I was also an skeptic on this phenomena that is now commonplace and that will keep increasing.

Many people have the notion that what they are seeing are space ships driven by aliens and that the governments of the world have kept hidden for various unknown reasons.

As a Christian verse in Bible prophecy and from the research done by other dedicated Christians we now know that these objects and their occupants have been occurring in our world since before the flood and probably since the fall of Adam and Eve.

I as well as others believe that these entities are fallen angels and demonic spirits that are trans-dimensional and that they will be heavily seen in the near approaching seven year Apocalypse. If the reader of this article has never read the book of Revelation please do so and notice the amount of Satanic, demonic, fallen angels and the good angels that are mentioned in this book.

It is the culmination of the battle between the forces of Jesus Christ and its enemy Satan where the battlefield is the earth and the humans that are alive at this moment of time.

The first video is the UFO story and the second below is an interview of the ramification of this battle. At 22 minutes into the video the UFO phenomena is addressed by Gary and Dizdar.


Video of UFOs over Germany claims to be the real deal

19 hrs ago

The aliens gave us another flyby September 18th apparently, with UFOs videotaped over Wittenberge, Germany, on a camera with zoom and night-vision capability. The clip was posted on UFOFilesTV, a self-described “new kind of UFO agency” on YouTube: “Our goal is to upload real UFO sightings because with today’s modern computer technology, you can fake many things.” With that in mind, this video is either a stunning CGI animation, evidence that Germany’s airforce development is OFF THE HOOK or proof positive the aliens are cruising by Earth again. Before you freak out, consider there are no reference points, like trees, ground, hills, buildings, stars. We’re just saying. [Source]


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Rosh Hashanah 2013 in October 6-7 (Rapture?) (Sept 26, 2013)

Thanks to BG Ellis we have this very good video presentation of the fall Jewish feasts.

The author has done an excellent visual presentation and has made a very good point in proving that the Autumn Jewish feast will be fulfilled in the month of October 2013 and not as was celebrated this month.

After you watch the complete presentation you will be hard press not to believe that he is right in his conclusions. So the Rapture may still occur next month after all!

A question we must ask ourselves is why those who set the almanac and the feasts this year arrived at the wrong dates when it is obvious that the feasts must fall in Autumn as required by God.

Thanks also to Scottie.


Nando end

Sept 24, 2013 The World is Falling Appart at the Same Time Prophecy is Coming Together. JD Farag Prophecy Update Sept 22, 2013

In this week prophecy update pastor JD Farag covers a wide range of subjects due to the magnitude of prophetic news happening every day.

So many things that were written thousands of years ago are coming to fulfillment that it is best to just sit back put the video and listen.

On one thing I want to comment and it is about Islam. It should be in the lips of every citizen of the US to require of our government to pass a law that would outlaw the religion of Islam as a form of government ideology that has as the objective the destruction of our constitution, democracy and systems of laws.

This I know full well is not going to happen as I know that Obama will require the world’s worship as god and that he will not tolerate any other deity or religion to exist.

The closeness of the Rapture is directly proportional to the number of mind blowing news that he has taken the time to enumerate and explain.

Islam is the first tool that Satan will use to try and wipe off Israel of the map, but Bible prophecies show us that the fate of Islam will be that of total ruin and destruction as the Antichrist goes about to conquer and possess the lands and territories of all these nations.


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The economy could go either way! Sept 23, 2013

At the start of this week there are important issues that are facing the US and that could trigger a downfall of the economy.

The showdown between the Congress and the Senate over the Obamacare law has the potential to do this.

Thanks Randy.


Randy (23 Sep2013)
Who will win?  the Optimists or the Pessimists?


On any given day, you can get BOTH extreme sides of predictions for the future.



Who will win?



2 Articles on Markets:






Hmmmmm……….US dollar to be over-taken as world’s settlement currency.  Markets ready to collapse….



We’ve been hearing all this for 5 years now………and it hasn’t happened yet!!



(Remember my POV…….. NO COLLAPSE until AFTER the Rapture….but the dominoes ARE all lined up!!)




Right now….the Optimists are in control.



(It seems that even the upcoming debate on the debt ceiling will not negatively impact the markets…..general consensus seems to be.  )



In control of:



1) Stock markets and the economies




2) Major international (Middle East) political gamesmanship….  (unless, you actually LIVE in a place like Syria)











PS….remember, nothing BIG happens…..until something BIG happens!!  lol


Nando end

Written by twelvebooks

September 23, 2013 at 12:57 pm

Sue (21 Sep 2013) “Link for contacting US Senators”

This came to us by Sue, thanks.


Sue (21 Sep 2013)
Link for contacting US Senators

Doves, here is the link to contact your senator to voice your position on defunding Obama Care. Please note I AM NOT telling anyone how to vote or what to say, just encouraging getting your position out to the Senate, who now has the ball in their court on this important issue.

Nando end

Written by twelvebooks

September 21, 2013 at 9:20 pm

The Musslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia and Obama Sept 21, 2013

Thanks to Henry we have two videos that should be available to every citizen in the USA and the whole world.

They detail the ideology behind Obama and the Saudi to spread and infiltrate America and Europe with the cancer of Islam.


Henry (21 Sep 2013)
2016 Obama’s America

Dear Doves,

Here is the full film of 2016 Obama’s America.


And another video from Sid which I think all American need to watch.  So please let it spread if you agreed with it.

Bless the Lord


Nando end

Is America the source of the Antichrist and Mystery Babylon? Part 4 by Gary Sterman and Doug Woodward Sept 18, 2013

This post is the latest interview to the author of the book “The Final Babylon” America and the coming of Antichrist. The video interview is excellent, but I must bring to you the necessity of reading the book as soon as you can. I have read more than 75% and can not wait to keep reading and finish it.

For more than 35 years I had reached the conclusion that the Antichrist had to come from America and that the false prophet would be a Pope of the Catholic church. This book identifies the final Babylon as America and the city as New York when the authors take us on a historical and scriptural journey whose conclusion is logical and scriptural.

The book is one of the best books on eschatology that I have read and its importance and timing is crucial for the salvation of souls as it gives us a sense of the times we are at and the urgency of the moment we are living in. I would call it a book for the times we are living.


Doug Woodward is stirring the waters of controversy again. The title of his new book, The Final Babylon; America and the Coming of Antichrist, speaks volumes. Does one dare suggest that America could be home base for the Antichrist? Could that end-time “peacemaker” be somewhere on the political scene today, awaiting his final destiny?



Part 3 below

Nando end

Sept 16, 2013 JD Farag Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 15th, 2013

It seems that barely a day can go by without a horrific news catching our attention. Today as if the Syrian chemical weapons crisis was not enough we have a shooter that killed a total of 13 persons in a Navy base in Washington DC.

That the times are scary is an understatement that can only be explained by the closeness we are to the start of the Apocalypse.

In yesterday prophecy update by pastor JD Farag goes into a prophecy explanation of the news events of the week.


Nando end

Sept 12, 2013 Syria as found in Prophecy by JD Farag Prophecy Update of Sept 8, 2013,

The crisis in Syria is brought into perspective by pastor Farag. He ties what is happening in Syria with the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83 and the destruction of Damascus on Isaiah 17. His observation of the motivating force behind Russia is very astute and could well be the driving factor pushing Russia in the corner with Iran and Syria.

He makes an excellent case for the imminent Rapture of the Church and ends with a very inspiring communion service at the end of the video

As usual his sermons are on the ball and delivered in a very captivating manner.


Nando end