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Syria a prophecy update by JD Farag Sept 3, 2013

Thanks to BG Ellis we have this link to JD Farag prophecy update sermon of Sunday Sept 1, 2013 in which he so eloquently elaborates upon the prophecies concerning the city of Damascus and Syria.

He covers many other important prophecies that are being fulfilled at this time and that were written more than two thousand years ago.

Many of these prophecies have been discussed here before and there seems to be a consensus of prophecy scholars that are reaching the same conclusions about the times and events that are happening at this moment.

As usual pastor Farag has presented a very good analysis of the political events as they pertain to Bible prophecy and we the hearers can benefit from this input.

The feast of Rosh Hashanah  is Sept 4-5 and with it the beginning of the fall feasts. Is it a coincidence that all these events are taking place at this moment?.


BG Ellis
(VIDEO) Mid-East Prophecy Update – September 1st, 2013

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