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Psalm 91 and the scud attack of 1991 by Mr. Gary Stearman Sept4, 2013

A long time ago I read a book by JR Church from prophecy in the news titled Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms. The book is all about his discovery that the Psalm’s numbers seem to follow the years of the present State of Israel. In this prophecy update Mr. Gary Stearman alludes to Psalm 91 and he reminds us that in the resent war of 1991 against Iraq called desert storm that country rained scud missiles in Israel to no effect.

The current years have seen a great upheaval in the Islamic world around Israel and it appears that the present conflict in Syria will pull the USA into the conflict and therefore has the potential to destabilize the whole region.

After hearing this short video I was inspired to go to the book mentioned above and look what it says about Psalm 113 which would correspond to this year 2013.

Quoting from the book on page 317 and starting on the second paragraph under Psalm 113

“They are called the Egyptian Hallel because their theme includes the exodus from Egypt, the parting of the Red Sea, and the events at Mount Sinai. They also include the future resurrection of the dead and the coming of the Messiah”.

It is more than a coincidence that today with the start of Rosh Hashanah the Christians may see the resurrection of the dead and the Rapture of the church at the sound of the last Trumpet. I was surprised to see this mention of the resurrection in the book today.


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September 4, 2013 at 2:28 pm

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