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The economy could go either way! Sept 23, 2013

At the start of this week there are important issues that are facing the US and that could trigger a downfall of the economy.

The showdown between the Congress and the Senate over the Obamacare law has the potential to do this.

Thanks Randy.


Randy (23 Sep2013)
Who will win?  the Optimists or the Pessimists?


On any given day, you can get BOTH extreme sides of predictions for the future.



Who will win?



2 Articles on Markets:






Hmmmmm……….US dollar to be over-taken as world’s settlement currency.  Markets ready to collapse….



We’ve been hearing all this for 5 years now………and it hasn’t happened yet!!



(Remember my POV…….. NO COLLAPSE until AFTER the Rapture….but the dominoes ARE all lined up!!)




Right now….the Optimists are in control.



(It seems that even the upcoming debate on the debt ceiling will not negatively impact the markets…..general consensus seems to be.  )



In control of:



1) Stock markets and the economies




2) Major international (Middle East) political gamesmanship….  (unless, you actually LIVE in a place like Syria)











PS….remember, nothing BIG happens…..until something BIG happens!!  lol


Nando end


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September 23, 2013 at 12:57 pm

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