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UFO and Fallen Angels changing human DNA

Well here I am again on the subject of UFO’s. I am posting a video that many of you probably saw already as it appeared on the MSN web site today.

Ever since the 1940’s and specially after the creation of the State of Israel there have been a very big increase in sightings of UFO’s, stories of abductions and aliens.

A few years back I was also an skeptic on this phenomena that is now commonplace and that will keep increasing.

Many people have the notion that what they are seeing are space ships driven by aliens and that the governments of the world have kept hidden for various unknown reasons.

As a Christian verse in Bible prophecy and from the research done by other dedicated Christians we now know that these objects and their occupants have been occurring in our world since before the flood and probably since the fall of Adam and Eve.

I as well as others believe that these entities are fallen angels and demonic spirits that are trans-dimensional and that they will be heavily seen in the near approaching seven year Apocalypse. If the reader of this article has never read the book of Revelation please do so and notice the amount of Satanic, demonic, fallen angels and the good angels that are mentioned in this book.

It is the culmination of the battle between the forces of Jesus Christ and its enemy Satan where the battlefield is the earth and the humans that are alive at this moment of time.

The first video is the UFO story and the second below is an interview of the ramification of this battle. At 22 minutes into the video the UFO phenomena is addressed by Gary and Dizdar.


Video of UFOs over Germany claims to be the real deal

19 hrs ago

The aliens gave us another flyby September 18th apparently, with UFOs videotaped over Wittenberge, Germany, on a camera with zoom and night-vision capability. The clip was posted on UFOFilesTV, a self-described “new kind of UFO agency” on YouTube: “Our goal is to upload real UFO sightings because with today’s modern computer technology, you can fake many things.” With that in mind, this video is either a stunning CGI animation, evidence that Germany’s airforce development is OFF THE HOOK or proof positive the aliens are cruising by Earth again. Before you freak out, consider there are no reference points, like trees, ground, hills, buildings, stars. We’re just saying. [Source]


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