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Sept 29, 2013 God’s numbers identify Obama as the Antichrist or 666 by John Tng

The following you-tube video linked below is excellent and I say this because its content is of a transcendental nature for the unveiling of the number one enemy of God and humanity the Antichrist, or the 666.

Since the start this evil man that the Bible alludes extensively through many prophecies is directly and numerically identified with President Barack Hussein Obama. This is not the first time that Mr. John Tng has done this and I will link at the end of this post to two other times that reveal who he is done by Mr. Tng.

John may God keep blessing you by revealing His hidden patterns and perfect control of the History of mankind to you.


John Tng (29 Sep 2013)
I made my first YouTube clip!

Dear Doves,

I finally made my first YouTube clip!

Remember to select 1080 HD.



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