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Zenith 2016 and The Last Pope (The Antichrist and the False Prophet) an Interview by Gary Stearman of Tom Horn Oct 31, 2013

Nothing more appropriate to write about the Antichrist and the False Prophet on Halloween night. As the world celebrates this night dedicated to the honor of Satan this keyboard pounds away at exposing the most Satanic and occult of all conspiracies, that is, the bringing to power of the unholy satanic trinity, Satan-Antichrist-False Prophet.

The video interview strongly suggest, implies, proofs, insinuates or otherwise state plainly that the seat of the Antichrist is in Washington DC. Not said, but I will say it the Antichrist is Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama the president of the USA and soon to become world dictator and Antichrist whose famous mark is known all over the world for thousands of years the 666. His cohort is the False Prophet the present Pope Francis (Jorge Bergolio).

This is a fascinating video that points to the most urgent time we are in preceding the coming of Jesus Christ to take His church to heaven in the Rapture prior to the start of the Apocalypse.

The video shows the book the Final Babylon America and the coming of Antichrist that is an excellent book and also available to buy there.

I have placed a link to Part 1 also.


Part 2 Gary called it his best interview ever. Zenith 2016 picks up where Apollyon 2012 left off, examining the timeline for the appearance of the Antichrist. Did a series of events in 2012 start the clock ticking? From Masonic conspiracies; to the all-seeing eye; to America’s occult roots, Zenith 2016 exposes the NWO plans to crown their soon coming king.


Part 1

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Pastor Lindsey Williams (10-22-13) speaks about the coming economic crisis 10-30-13

As always it is a pleasure to hear pastor Lindsey Williams speak on the radio about his talks with the elite billionaires that he befriended in the oil fields of Alaska.

This is one of the many signs that are occurring every day on the last times we are in.

My question is what would you do if the conditions he mentions in this radio program become a reality tomorrow and not on January 1, 2014? Are you ready to go into survival mode and be solvent?

It is hard to visualize this scenario happening before the Apocalypse and the Rapture, but can we take the position that the Rapture will take us and we will not experience any problems? If your resources are limited and no matter what you can not do anything to improve your survivability then do not worry at all. God will provide for those who are unable to do it for themselves. The most important thing is to be close to Jesus Christ and everything will fall into place.


Lindsey Williams – 10-22-13 — What is coming down for America — get ready now!!!

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October 28, 2013 JD Farag Prophecy Update 10-27-13 Expose of rock star Kaney West

Because I admire this pastors eloquent preaching and the content of his sermons as well as his background I try to place his weekly update here for all you visitors to see and hear.

Today’s message included a very emotional testimony about the blasphemous rock star Kaney West in his mockery of Jesus Christ.

The allure of this rock music world is unbelievable to a young person trying to conform and have fun and excitement. Many are entangled in this web of evil and it becomes very hard to pull out of it. Satan is an expert of temptations as he has been practicing his craft for millennia and on millions of humans throughout history.

I am praying for all of those who are caught on this net to be able to break loose from the hypnotic, lustful, drug infested world they are in.


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October 28, 2013 An interview of Tom Horn about Zenith 2016 by Gay Stearman

Many years past I was prodded by Jesus Christ to dive in the Bible and to study the prophecies written that concern the second coming of Jesus Christ and the times and events that will be happening in the world. As years go by the events prophesied thousands of years ago are taking place at a vertiginous pace.

Hardly a day goes by that the news do not bring some aspect shown on the Bible prophecies. Tom Horn and Gary Stearman have put on a very exiting and interesting video relating Tom’s new book Zenith 2016. Our daily news bear witness to the madness that our world has become, by presenting us with so many crisis and frighting events that we have numbed our senses to chock.

As a junky looks forward to the next fix we look forward to the thrill that comes from a crisis and we are glued to our TV’s, telephones, computers, and all sorts of communication devises to bring us the latest thrill.

But this acceleration of history is all leading to the dreadful seven year period called the Tribulations. This video interview skillfully brings these facts to the forefront of our attention. The fact is that the things that could be presented as proof of the time we are in could be one thousand times longer than the one presented.


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October 26, 2013 Is the Rapture and Tribulation on October 27, 2013?

If Jesus second coming will occur in the feast of Tabernacles then the start of the seven year Apocalypse will also be on Tabernacles. The Torah calendar puts this feast starting at 6 PM today Saturday 26 of October 2013.

The Rapture (Harpazo) or taking away of the believing church may occur at the same time. The time is definitively way past due, so it would not surprise me in the least bit.

Thanks to Harvey Troyer for the article.

Harvey Troyer (26 Oct 2013)
A Tabernacles Rapture is Still Most Imminent Now—Why has this Focus and Interest Already Fizzled Out?


October 26, 2013 (Saturday)


Dear John Tng and all Faithful and Beloved Doves,


Subject:  A Tabernacles Rapture is Still Most Imminent Now—Why has this Focus and Interest Already Fizzled Out?




On September 21, 2013 I posted the following title; it’s worth taking a second look at it; because, it perfectly sets the prophetic backdrop for what is about to happen now:

[September 21, 2013 on the God’s Torah Calendar was Tishri 14 the Eve of Sukkot (Tabernacles)]


Saturday October 26, at sunset will be the Eve of Tabernacles Day 7 on God’s corrected Torah Calendar.  For an explanation read my Five Doves post on October 14, 2013 at the following URL Links.


Harvey Troyer (21 Sep 2013)
A Final Powerful Rapture Sign—Charity Template Timeline Now Shows 7 x 46 = 322—(Gen 3:22—Death)—223 Gematria Links to Titus 2:13—(Blessed Hope, Rapture),%202013%20Watch%20Day%20322…223…Chiasmus…This%20is%20surely%20it.pdf


Harvey Troyer (14 Oct 013)
What is the Significance of the October 17, 2013 Debt Ceiling—It fits Perfectly with the October 16, 2012 R.H. Signs!…A MUST READ!


Please notice that Tabernacles Day 7 is always Tishri 21; Shemini Ateret is always Tishri 22, Simchat Torah is always Tishri 23.


Everything that I explained in the above posts about Tabernacles is about to repeat itself; and, I believe that it will now culminate in the Rapture and Sudden Destruction.  Notice that Shemini Atzeret falls on Monday, Monday October 28, 2013! 


Let me now give you an update on where we are on Charity’s Template Timeline.


How many days are there from Thursday November 1, 2012 to Thursday October 24, 2013?   Answer357 Days = (3 x 7 x 17) or (21 x 17) or (3 x 119)


May I say that these numbers are screaming Rapture and Sudden Destruction IMHO.  First we have 3—Divine Completeness and Perfection x 119; and, (119 = 7—Resurrection; Spiritual Completeness; Father’s Perfection x 17—Victoryà119 = Spiritual Perfection and Victory)! 

Second we have 21—The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin x 17—Victory! 


Now let me show you something amazing about Monday, Monday October 28, 2013 (Shemini Atzeret).


How many days are there from Thursday November 1, 2012 to Monday October 27, 2013?   Answer360 Daysßthe Perfect Jewish Calendar Year from antiquity defined!


I am counting from sunset Sunday October 27 in Jerusalem which starts Monday October 28—Eternal Life (Tishri 22—Day of Light). Tuesday October 29—Departure (Tishri 23—Day of Death) is Simchat Torah. Note: I explained in detail the special relationships of the numbers 22 and 23 merged together in my Five Doves post at the above URL LINKS.  I also explained about the fire offerings which will soon consume the enemies of God and Israel.


By the way, did you associate the above number 357 with the classic 357 Magnum hand guns and rifles?


How may days are there from April 27, 2011 (Dr David Owuor’s Time is Over Date) to October 28, 2013?


Answer: 914 Days = (2 x 457) as in 457 Magnum!  The 457 Magnums are what hunters use to go Bear Hunting.  Is God warning Israel to get ready for the wiley Russian Bear?  Are these numbers (357 and 457) a powerful message to get ready for war?



Following is a powerful video message from Godshealer 7

[Notice how Brother Dan delayed his message—Why?]




Published on Oct 20, 2013

Speak to the nations..Events shall happen suddenly…There shall be a whirlwind of fire..Mens hearts shall grow cold for there shall be SUDDEN DESTRUCTION. The trumpets shall signal what many thought not possible my JUDGEMENT. KJV/NKJV 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 2 Thessalonians 1:3-10


Pasted from <>



Transcript of Brother Dan’s Message October 6, 2013 Published October  20, 2013 [Please notice the 2-Week Delay in publishing this Message—Why?    It draws attention to a October 20th (the Eve of Tabernacles Day 1) to give a one-week warning to October 27, 2013 at Sunset which is the Real “7th  Day” of Tabernacles!  Notice the pattern that October 6, 2013 was the Eve of Rosh Hashanah!  It’s a 21-Day grid and this fits perfectly.  Also notice  that Shemini Atzeret , the Great Day of the Feast, starts at sunset on Sunday October 27, 2013; and, becomes Monday, Monday October 28—Eternal Life.  This may be the perfect time for the greatest Tabernacles Fire Offering ever.


Again, notice that Shemini Atzeret is always celebrated on the 22nd Day of Tishri (the Day of Light) and it is followed by Simchat Torah Tishri 23rd  the Day of Death!  Notice that the blending of 22 and 23 is 2223 and 222 and 322 (a Chiasmus) are very special numbers.  The number 222 +222 = 444 (the False Prophet) while 222 + 222 +222 = 666 (the Antichrist).  And  these two special Sons of Lucifer the Devil are at the very apex of the pyramid  of the Secret Devil Worshiping Society, the Skull and Bones Society or  Brotherhood of Death 322—so named after Genesis 3:22 etc, etc, etc.


Also 223 pulls up Titus 2:13 (a classic Rapture verse)on the Bible Wheel Gematria.  Notice that 223 is hidden in 2223 and this explains why certain individuals have been shown these numbers in supernatural ways.  I have posted about this many times; but, no one dares to touch this subject with a 10-foot pole as the saying goes.  It’s just too bazaar and scary.  And of course we  wound not want to offend the burning Bushes, and the millions of  Freemasons, Eastern Star Women or Daughters of Job, etc; who are all  members in good standing in our Evangelical Calvinist Churches, right?


I hope that this blesses you as much as it has blessed me.  Thank you John Tng for being our moderator on Five Doves and for all that you have done.  I know that you will be very pleased when you see all the rewards from the Lord Jesus awaiting you in heaven.  I will be cheering for you!  I really believe that we have finally arrived at the time we have waited for and labored for so long.  There is so much more that I could share; but, this is enough for now.  I really hope and pray that this is finally it; and, that we will now be suddenly taken to our new heavenly home on the grandest trip of the ages.   



Please pray mightily for the protection of God’s People (Israel) by God Yahweh and His Son Yeshuah HaMashiach, who is King of the Jews. May Michael the great Prince of Israel and all his mighty warriors now stand up to protect the Holy People of Israel from all of their Luciferian enemies! Amen and Amen!

Maranatha! (Come Quickly Lord Jesus!)

Harvey Troyer (YBIC)
Emmaus Road Ministries

Iran close to getting nuke material for one bomb. October 25, 2013

The time to hold Iran accountable is nearing the end. It is reported below that Iran is within one month of having enough nuclear material to build a nuclear bomb, How much time after that will it take to assemble and mount it in a delivery vehicle?

If these are fail safe estimates then people could feel secure in saying we have time, but it looks to me that the time has arrived for Israel to make a decision on what to do with Iran.

The sad thing of all of this is that there are many Iranians that are opposed to this evil regime but they will pay the consequences of their leaders actions.

The prophet Jeremiah on chapter 49:34-39 states that Elam the area of SW Iran will be destroyed. Also Ezekiel 38-39 gives the details of the destruction of their armies.

Next month there is a rare Hybrid solar eclipse on Nov 3 or 4. These eclipses have been portends of coming judgments to the gentile nations by God.


Report: Iran may be month from a bomb

Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in as little as a month, according to a new estimate by one of the USA’s top nuclear experts.


Iran could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build a nuclear bomb in as little as a month, according to a new estimate by one of the USA’s top nuclear experts.

The new assessment comes as the White House invited Senate staffers to a briefing on negotiations with Iran as it is trying to persuade Congress not to go ahead with a bill to stiffen sanctions against Iran.

“Shortening breakout times have implications for any negotiation with Iran,” stated the report by the Institute for Science and International Security. “An essential finding is that they are currently too short and shortening further.”

David Albright, president of the institute and a former inspector for the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency, said the estimate means that Iran would have to eliminate more than half of its 19,000 centrifuges to extend the time it would take to build a bomb to six months.

The Obama administration has said Iran is probably a year away from having enough enriched uranium to make a bomb.

Bernadette Meehan, an NSC spokeswoman for President Obama’s National Security Council, said the intelligence community maintains “a number of assessments” regarding potential time frames for Iran to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for one weapon or a testable nuclear device.hi

“We continue to closely monitor the Iranian nuclear program and its stockpile of enriched uranium,” Meehan said.

World powers are seeking an agreement “that ultimately resolves all of the international community’s concerns about Iran’s nuclear program,” she said. “The ultimate goal is a comprehensive agreement that is credible, transparent, and verifiable.”

In the report, Albright said negotiations with Iran should focus on so-called “breakout” times, or the time required to convert low-enriched uranium to weapons-grade.

Albright, who has testified before Congress, said the negotiators should try to find ways to lengthen the breakout times and shorten the time that inspectors could detect breakout. ISIS’ analysis is based on the latest Iranian and United Nations reports on Iran’s centrifuge equipment for producing nuclear fuel and its nuclear fuel stockpiles.

Iran’s stockpile of medium-enriched uranium has nearly doubled in a year’s time and its number of centrifuges has expanded from 12,000 in 2012 to 19,000 today.

Sen. Mark Kirk, an Illinois Republican whose Senate Banking Committee is considering legislation to tighten Iran sanctions, said the report shows that Iran is expanding its nuclear capabilities under the cover of negotiations.

“The Senate should move forward immediately with a new round of sanctions to prevent Iran from acquiring an undetectable breakout capability,” he said.

The White House has said new sanctions legislation should wait while current negotiations — scheduled to resume officially in Geneva next month — are moving forward.

The White House said Thursday it will continue consulting with Congress “so that any congressional action is aligned with our negotiating strategy as we move forward,” said Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for President Obama’s National Security Council.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said his country has no interest in nuclear weapons but that producing nuclear fuel is Iran’s right. His foreign minister, Javad Zarif, has said Iran will not ship its nuclear stockpile to a third country.

However, Iran has blocked international inspectors from some suspected nuclear facilities to verify they are being used for peaceful purposes, access required under international agreements it has signed.

United Nations inspectors have found evidence of a weapons program in violation of Iran’s commitment under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The USA and the U.N. Security Council have implemented crippling economic sanctions on Iran to sway it to take steps to assure the world it is not developing a bomb.

Israel, which sees an Iranian nuclear bomb as a threat to its very existence, has said it will take military action to prevent Iran from getting a bomb.

ISIS estimated in October 2012 that Iran could produce enough highly-enriched uranium for a bomb within two to four months. The new estimate is based on an analysis of the latest reports by Iran and the the IAEA.

ISIS considered various scenarios, including if Iran decided to build a covert enrichment plant like it has under a mountain in Fordow, near the city of Qom, that was designed for optimal efficiency and minimal time to enrich enough uranium for bomb making. Such a facility built with current Iranian technology could produce enough material for a bomb in a week, according to the ISIS report.

“If they did that and they were caught it would be a smoking gun of a nuclear weapons program,” Albright said.

If Iran moves ahead with installation of its more efficient, second generation centrifuges, it would be able to produce enough nuclear fuel for a bomb with so few of them, between 2,000 and 3,300 centrifuges, that they could fit in a small warehouse, Albright said.

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Oct 23 JD Farag Mid-East Prophecy Update – October 20th, 2013

As I usually do here is the JD Farag prophecy update of last Sunday. He concentrated today in the speech of prime minister Netanyahu of Israel on the last day of the UN meeting. Netanyahu’s speech is on this blog for those who want to see it. It is something worth seeing and studying.

The role of the US in Bible prophecy end times is the role of Mystery Babylon and the source of power for the Antichrist.


Nando end

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy some 50 Years Ago By Luis Vega Oct 21, 2013

Luis Vega has published a very unusual view about the fateful and dreadful day about 50 years ago when President Kennedy was murdered by Oswald and maybe others.

For young readers this is part of history and the impact of this assassination is only imagined.

As a Cuban who just three years before had joined to go to fight against Cuba at what latter was known as Brigade 2506 of Playa Giron and joined the US army to fight in Cuba when the October missile crises came this era was one of extreme emotion for me and all of my family as well as the Cubans in exile.

As this article explains some tried to blame the Cubans because Kennedy abandoned them in the Bay of Pigs, but their memory or knowledge was wrong. Kennedy met the Cubans in exile at the Orange bowl in Miami and promised to liberate Cuba. He was willing to confront Castro over nuclear missiles in Cuba and the US Army enlisted a whole battalion of Cubans to train for an eventual invasion.

Yes Kennedy and their family specially Robert where thinking of altering the plans of Lucifer and it stands to reason that his death was plotted by the satanic forces of evil. Luis Vega ties it very well to the future Antichrist with his mortal wound.

Thanks for your outstanding analysis, charts and analogies to the present.


Luis Vega (20 Oct 2013)
50 Year Kennedy Assassination Anniversary – A Hidden Mathematical MurderNando end

Dru (20 Oct 2013) “Two videos on Planet X …”

The first of the two videos below is already posted in this blog.

They are very good in explaining Planet X.


Dru (20 Oct 2013)
Two videos on Planet X …

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America Mistery Babylon, a president the Antichrist? Oct 19, 2013

This article is about the book The Final Babylon America and the Coming of Antichrist. This book is very good and it makes an open and closed argument for their premise.

When studying Bible prophecy for the end times it is imperative that we consider time. the question to answer is what time is it? If the conclusion and answer to this question is the time is now then the books premises and conclusions are correct and they permit no other interpretation.

What time is it can best be answered by the preponderance and importance of the state of Israel. It was born in one day in May 14, 1948. Since its beginning it has found its existence threatened and their growth and power exponentially magnified. Their army is an exceedingly great army and their arsenal includes the most advanced nuclear weapons designed  by men, with its numbers exceeding 200.

In 1979 I was using a thought and analysis process very similar to the authors of this book and reached the conclusion that if a generation that would see the return of Christ come was 40 years and that was at the end of the Tribulations then seven years before was the beginning and the Antichrist had to be in power. I said what country would Satan use to bring the Antichrist to power?

There were only two answers at the time and they were the two nations that had the most nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Both the USA and the Soviet Union had in excess of 20,000 each as it was at the peak of the cold war. No other nation at the time reached 1,000 and the nuclear nations were very few.

The conclusion was that it would have to be the USA due to the role Gog had in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 where God would destroy all the armies of Gog in the mountains of Israel.

The presidential elections of 1980 had to bring in the Antichrist to power. Who were running in the election, for the democratic party it was Carter and for the Republicans it was Reagan.

Reagan won the elections and my conclusion was then that Reagan was the Antichrist. Many things about Reagan supported this view including that each of his names had 6 letters which made for the 666 in his name and shortly thereafter he was mortally wounded and survived the episode.

The timing though was wrong because the generation Jesus was referring to was not 40 years but a generation of 70+ years which brings us to the present. The start of this count is is also possible to start at the June 6 of 1967 retaking of Jerusalem and Temple Mount by Israel.

So what time is it is a very valid question which in both cases brings us to the present time we are in now. Coupled with that the geopolitical military and economic situation in the world brings a strong argument that the time is right now!


Nando end