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Netanyahu (speech at UN) a leader sent by God for the prophetic times we are in Oct 2, 2013

Throughout the Bible we see how God has raised a person to fill the shoes of leadership at the time it is needed. This man He has chosen has the character, intelligence and leadership qualities to lead the nation of Israel at this very perilous and prophetic time of the end.

There may be other leaders waiting in the wings, but it sure looks that Netanyahu will be the leader to ride the seven year Apocalypse that is coming. In his speech he makes mention of the prophet Amos and does not restrain from seeking God’s Word for the moment at hand to guide him in his actions. This is a man to God’s heart.

By choosing to read an end time prophecy he demonstrated his belief that Israel is back in the land to fulfill the promises of God to his ancestors which he also named in the speech.

He also reasserted the scriptures by stating that Israel was back in their land and will never be driven out.


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The following link takes you to the comments by Mr. Gary Stearman on the speech that Netanyahu gave at the UN on Oct 1, 2013



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