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More links for Obama and the 666 with the 793 Oct 7, 2013

Another interesting relationship between the 666 number and the 793 that is Obama’s gematria is the fact that the units of measurement of the distance from Temple Mount in Jerusalem to Key Largo in Florida USA is 6,666 miles which equal 5,793 nautical miles. This radius that forms a circle crosses the USA  diagonally and exists on the State of Washington at the northern border of the USA on longitude W120 deg at a heading of 344 deg from Temple Mount.

Mr. David Flyn on his book Temple at the center of time said that God used the distances from temple mount to identify the nations and cities that would be involved with Israel and the years it would happen.

It seems that he identified the 666 with the US.

To corroborate this go to Google Earth, locate Temple mount in Jerusalem and measure the distance using the ruler with heading 304.8 deg for Key largo and 344 deg for the State of Washington.

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