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BG Ellis (VIDEO) Asteroid Hit Puerto Rico and Tsunami Hit the East Coast – Efraín Rodríguez (Oct 14, 2013)

First I want to thank BG Ellis for posting this very good video. The video is alarming and scary and I would say that discernment has to be used in the watching and believing of it. The speaker is not known to me or the pastor that died which he called a prophet. He calls himself a prophet also. In my point of view a prophet is one who is chosen by God to speak his words. If this man is a prophet and he received this revelation then let this video praise God who chose to reveal His word beforehand so that we praise His name and control of history and the universe.

I lived five years of my live in that island of Puerto Rico and I love the island and the people in it. Some of my family and many of my wife’s family are still living there as they went there after leaving Cuba. To say that I was troubled by the video is an understatement, but for the past few years I have followed the earthquake activity in the island and wondered if God had planned for a tsunami such as the one in this video to originate here due to an earthquake.

I want to say also that such a strike of an asteroid at the location shown will affect also in the same magnitude the islands of Santo Domingo, Haiti, Cuba, the Virgin islands, all the islands in the Caribbean and all the nations bordering the Caribbean sea. The number of dead mentioned in the video for Puerto Rico would be multiplied several times over. Let us hope and pray that this judgment comes at the time of the Tribulations and not before as the narrator implied by stating that the Rapture would come afterward.

There were many Christians living in Haiti when the 7 Magnitude earthquake hit Port o Prince and killed 300,000 people a few short years back. This could also be the birth pains mentioned in the Bible.

I will try to pass this info to as many people as I know there as possible.


BG Ellis
(VIDEO) Asteroid Hit Puerto Rico and Tsunami Hit the East Coast – Efraín Rodríguez

Nando end


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  1. Thank you for sharing this Nando. I have visited Puerto Rico before, on vacation a few years back. It’s a lovely place and the people are gracious. I also pray that if this is true and comes to pass that it will be during the tribulation. Time will tell. Let us pray that many will come to know the Lord before this occurs.


    October 18, 2013 at 3:13 am

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