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America Mistery Babylon, a president the Antichrist? Oct 19, 2013

This article is about the book The Final Babylon America and the Coming of Antichrist. This book is very good and it makes an open and closed argument for their premise.

When studying Bible prophecy for the end times it is imperative that we consider time. the question to answer is what time is it? If the conclusion and answer to this question is the time is now then the books premises and conclusions are correct and they permit no other interpretation.

What time is it can best be answered by the preponderance and importance of the state of Israel. It was born in one day in May 14, 1948. Since its beginning it has found its existence threatened and their growth and power exponentially magnified. Their army is an exceedingly great army and their arsenal includes the most advanced nuclear weapons designed  by men, with its numbers exceeding 200.

In 1979 I was using a thought and analysis process very similar to the authors of this book and reached the conclusion that if a generation that would see the return of Christ come was 40 years and that was at the end of the Tribulations then seven years before was the beginning and the Antichrist had to be in power. I said what country would Satan use to bring the Antichrist to power?

There were only two answers at the time and they were the two nations that had the most nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Both the USA and the Soviet Union had in excess of 20,000 each as it was at the peak of the cold war. No other nation at the time reached 1,000 and the nuclear nations were very few.

The conclusion was that it would have to be the USA due to the role Gog had in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 where God would destroy all the armies of Gog in the mountains of Israel.

The presidential elections of 1980 had to bring in the Antichrist to power. Who were running in the election, for the democratic party it was Carter and for the Republicans it was Reagan.

Reagan won the elections and my conclusion was then that Reagan was the Antichrist. Many things about Reagan supported this view including that each of his names had 6 letters which made for the 666 in his name and shortly thereafter he was mortally wounded and survived the episode.

The timing though was wrong because the generation Jesus was referring to was not 40 years but a generation of 70+ years which brings us to the present. The start of this count is is also possible to start at the June 6 of 1967 retaking of Jerusalem and Temple Mount by Israel.

So what time is it is a very valid question which in both cases brings us to the present time we are in now. Coupled with that the geopolitical military and economic situation in the world brings a strong argument that the time is right now!


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