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The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy some 50 Years Ago By Luis Vega Oct 21, 2013

Luis Vega has published a very unusual view about the fateful and dreadful day about 50 years ago when President Kennedy was murdered by Oswald and maybe others.

For young readers this is part of history and the impact of this assassination is only imagined.

As a Cuban who just three years before had joined to go to fight against Cuba at what latter was known as Brigade 2506 of Playa Giron and joined the US army to fight in Cuba when the October missile crises came this era was one of extreme emotion for me and all of my family as well as the Cubans in exile.

As this article explains some tried to blame the Cubans because Kennedy abandoned them in the Bay of Pigs, but their memory or knowledge was wrong. Kennedy met the Cubans in exile at the Orange bowl in Miami and promised to liberate Cuba. He was willing to confront Castro over nuclear missiles in Cuba and the US Army enlisted a whole battalion of Cubans to train for an eventual invasion.

Yes Kennedy and their family specially Robert where thinking of altering the plans of Lucifer and it stands to reason that his death was plotted by the satanic forces of evil. Luis Vega ties it very well to the future Antichrist with his mortal wound.

Thanks for your outstanding analysis, charts and analogies to the present.


Luis Vega (20 Oct 2013)
50 Year Kennedy Assassination Anniversary – A Hidden Mathematical MurderNando end

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