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October 28, 2013 JD Farag Prophecy Update 10-27-13 Expose of rock star Kaney West

Because I admire this pastors eloquent preaching and the content of his sermons as well as his background I try to place his weekly update here for all you visitors to see and hear.

Today’s message included a very emotional testimony about the blasphemous rock star Kaney West in his mockery of Jesus Christ.

The allure of this rock music world is unbelievable to a young person trying to conform and have fun and excitement. Many are entangled in this web of evil and it becomes very hard to pull out of it. Satan is an expert of temptations as he has been practicing his craft for millennia and on millions of humans throughout history.

I am praying for all of those who are caught on this net to be able to break loose from the hypnotic, lustful, drug infested world they are in.


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