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Zenith 2016 and The Last Pope (The Antichrist and the False Prophet) an Interview by Gary Stearman of Tom Horn Oct 31, 2013

Nothing more appropriate to write about the Antichrist and the False Prophet on Halloween night. As the world celebrates this night dedicated to the honor of Satan this keyboard pounds away at exposing the most Satanic and occult of all conspiracies, that is, the bringing to power of the unholy satanic trinity, Satan-Antichrist-False Prophet.

The video interview strongly suggest, implies, proofs, insinuates or otherwise state plainly that the seat of the Antichrist is in Washington DC. Not said, but I will say it the Antichrist is Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama the president of the USA and soon to become world dictator and Antichrist whose famous mark is known all over the world for thousands of years the 666. His cohort is the False Prophet the present Pope Francis (Jorge Bergolio).

This is a fascinating video that points to the most urgent time we are in preceding the coming of Jesus Christ to take His church to heaven in the Rapture prior to the start of the Apocalypse.

The video shows the book the Final Babylon America and the coming of Antichrist that is an excellent book and also available to buy there.

I have placed a link to Part 1 also.


Part 2 Gary called it his best interview ever. Zenith 2016 picks up where Apollyon 2012 left off, examining the timeline for the appearance of the Antichrist. Did a series of events in 2012 start the clock ticking? From Masonic conspiracies; to the all-seeing eye; to America’s occult roots, Zenith 2016 exposes the NWO plans to crown their soon coming king.


Part 1

Nando end

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