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The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy some 50 Years Ago By Luis Vega Oct 21, 2013

Luis Vega has published a very unusual view about the fateful and dreadful day about 50 years ago when President Kennedy was murdered by Oswald and maybe others.

For young readers this is part of history and the impact of this assassination is only imagined.

As a Cuban who just three years before had joined to go to fight against Cuba at what latter was known as Brigade 2506 of Playa Giron and joined the US army to fight in Cuba when the October missile crises came this era was one of extreme emotion for me and all of my family as well as the Cubans in exile.

As this article explains some tried to blame the Cubans because Kennedy abandoned them in the Bay of Pigs, but their memory or knowledge was wrong. Kennedy met the Cubans in exile at the Orange bowl in Miami and promised to liberate Cuba. He was willing to confront Castro over nuclear missiles in Cuba and the US Army enlisted a whole battalion of Cubans to train for an eventual invasion.

Yes Kennedy and their family specially Robert where thinking of altering the plans of Lucifer and it stands to reason that his death was plotted by the satanic forces of evil. Luis Vega ties it very well to the future Antichrist with his mortal wound.

Thanks for your outstanding analysis, charts and analogies to the present.


Luis Vega (20 Oct 2013)
50 Year Kennedy Assassination Anniversary – A Hidden Mathematical MurderNando end

Dru (20 Oct 2013) “Two videos on Planet X …”

The first of the two videos below is already posted in this blog.

They are very good in explaining Planet X.


Dru (20 Oct 2013)
Two videos on Planet X …

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America Mistery Babylon, a president the Antichrist? Oct 19, 2013

This article is about the book The Final Babylon America and the Coming of Antichrist. This book is very good and it makes an open and closed argument for their premise.

When studying Bible prophecy for the end times it is imperative that we consider time. the question to answer is what time is it? If the conclusion and answer to this question is the time is now then the books premises and conclusions are correct and they permit no other interpretation.

What time is it can best be answered by the preponderance and importance of the state of Israel. It was born in one day in May 14, 1948. Since its beginning it has found its existence threatened and their growth and power exponentially magnified. Their army is an exceedingly great army and their arsenal includes the most advanced nuclear weapons designed  by men, with its numbers exceeding 200.

In 1979 I was using a thought and analysis process very similar to the authors of this book and reached the conclusion that if a generation that would see the return of Christ come was 40 years and that was at the end of the Tribulations then seven years before was the beginning and the Antichrist had to be in power. I said what country would Satan use to bring the Antichrist to power?

There were only two answers at the time and they were the two nations that had the most nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Both the USA and the Soviet Union had in excess of 20,000 each as it was at the peak of the cold war. No other nation at the time reached 1,000 and the nuclear nations were very few.

The conclusion was that it would have to be the USA due to the role Gog had in the prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39 where God would destroy all the armies of Gog in the mountains of Israel.

The presidential elections of 1980 had to bring in the Antichrist to power. Who were running in the election, for the democratic party it was Carter and for the Republicans it was Reagan.

Reagan won the elections and my conclusion was then that Reagan was the Antichrist. Many things about Reagan supported this view including that each of his names had 6 letters which made for the 666 in his name and shortly thereafter he was mortally wounded and survived the episode.

The timing though was wrong because the generation Jesus was referring to was not 40 years but a generation of 70+ years which brings us to the present. The start of this count is is also possible to start at the June 6 of 1967 retaking of Jerusalem and Temple Mount by Israel.

So what time is it is a very valid question which in both cases brings us to the present time we are in now. Coupled with that the geopolitical military and economic situation in the world brings a strong argument that the time is right now!


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Does the Holy Spirit Guide all your major decisions? Do you ask Him? Oct 18,2013

I do nothing important without first asking for Jesus guidance and advise. And yes I do receive answers to my questions. The more difficult and important a decision is the more I expect  an answer. this is only possible to achieve if you are in a close relationship of love and obedience with Him.

These days I had an important decision to make and He answer me through the post below. Paul N.F. is deceased, but his posts are still posted by the host of the web site.


Paul N. F. (17 Oct 2013)
‘Grieve not the Holy Spirit’

‘Grieve not the Holy Spirit’

By Charles H. Spurgeon

‘Grieve not the Holy Spirit’.  —Ephesians 4:30

All that the believer has must come from Christ, but it comes solely through
the channel of the Spirit of grace.  Moreover, as all blessings thus flow to you
through the Holy Spirit, so also no good thing can come out of you in holy
thought, devout worship, or gracious act, apart from the sanctifying operation
of the same Spirit.

Even if the good seed be sown in you, yet it lies dormant except He worketh in
you to will and to do of His own good pleasure. Do you desire to speak for Jesus,
how can you unless the Holy Ghost touch your tongue?

Do you desire to pray?  Alas! what dull work it is unless the Spirit maketh
intercession for you!  Do you desire to subdue sin?  Would you be holy?  Would
you imitate your Master?  Do you desire to rise to superlative heights of spirituality?
Are you wanting to be made like the angels of God, full of zeal and ardour for the
Master’s cause?  You cannot without the Spirit’  Without me ye can do nothing.

‘O branch of the vine, thou canst have no fruit without the sap!  O child of God,
thou hast no life within thee apart from the life which God gives thee through His Spirit!

Then let us not grieve Him or provoke Him to anger by our sin. Let us not quench Him
in one of His faintest motions in our soul; let us foster every suggestion, and be ready
to obey every prompting.

If the Holy Spirit be indeed so mighty, let us attempt nothing without Him; let us begin
no project, and carry on no enterprise, and conclude no transaction, without imploring
His blessing. Let us do Him the due homage of feeling our entire weakness apart from
Him, and then depending alone upon Him, having this for our prayer,
‘Open Thou my heart and my whole being to Thine incoming, and uphold me with
Thy free Spirit when I shall have received that Spirit in my inward parts.’

Yours in Christ,
Paul N. F.

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Written by twelvebooks

October 18, 2013 at 9:04 pm

Oct 17, 2013 Ison as reported on Yahoo news

There is a lot of writing based on this comet Ison and the signs pertaining to the coming Tribulation and the Rapture. The article below is as reported in the internet news by Yahoo.


Potentially Dazzling Comet ISON Still Intact, Hubble Photo Suggests

Potentially Dazzling Comet ISON Still Intact, Hubble Photo Suggests


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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope took this photo of Comet ISON on Oct. 9, 2013, when the comet was inside …

Skywatchers take heart: The potentially brilliant Comet ISON appears to be holding together thus far on its perilous journey around the sun.

Some astronomers have predicted that Comet ISON will break apart before its Nov. 28 close solar approach, when the icy wanderer will skim just 730,000 miles (1.2 million kilometers) above the surface of the sun. But a new photo from NASA’s iconic Hubble Space Telescope suggests that ISON remains intact for now.

“In this NASA Hubble Space Telescope image taken on Oct. 9, the comet’s solid nucleus is unresolved because it is so small. If the nucleus broke apart then Hubble would have likely seen evidence for multiple fragments,” officials with the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, which operates Hubble, wrote in a statement today (Oct. 17). [Comet ISON: 8 Things to Know]

“Moreover, the coma or head surrounding the comet’s nucleus is symmetric and smooth,” they added. “This would probably not be the case if clusters of smaller fragments were flying along. What’s more, a polar jet of dust first seen in Hubble images taken in April is no longer visible and may have turned off.”

Comet ISON was within the orbit of Mars and about 177 million miles (285 million km) from Earth when the new photograph was taken, officials said.

ISON, which was discovered by two Russian amateur astronomers in September 2012, is apparently making its first trip to the inner solar system from the distant, frigid comet repository known as the Oort Cloud.

If the comet survives its close solar encounter next month, it could put on a great show for skywatchers in early December, experts say. Astronomers are also rooting for the comet’s survival. They hope to learn a great deal about its composition by noting which gases boil off ISON as it gets closer and closer to the sun.

In fact, researchers have organized a global Comet ISON observation campaign, enlisting a number of instruments on the ground and in space to track the icy body’s progress. Many of these observations are planned for after the comet’s close solar approach, when it will be easier to see from Earth.

Nobody knows how Comet ISON will fare, of course. It’s difficult to predict the behavior of any comet, and especially tough to do so for “dynamically new” objects like ISON that have never approached the sun closely before.

Nonetheless, some scientists have expressed optimism about ISON’s chances. With a nucleus estimated to be between 0.12 miles and 1.2 miles across (0.2 to 2 km), the comet appears to be big enough to avoid destruction by the sun’s heat, a recent study reported. And as long as ISON is a “typical” comet in terms of density and spin characteristics, it should resist breakup by our star’s gravitational pull as well, some researchers say.

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Mary Anna (VIDEO) ALERT!! Bible hammer lock on The RAPTURE! Chuck Missler & John MacArthur & Scottie Clarke

Mary Anna thanks for your post of this very good series of speakers. I hope that everyone takes the time to hear it. I just finished the first speaker and can not wait to hear the rest.


Mary Anna
(VIDEO) ALERT!! Bible hammer lock on The RAPTURE! Chuck Missler & John MacArthur & Scottie

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BG Ellis (VIDEO) Asteroid Hit Puerto Rico and Tsunami Hit the East Coast – Efraín Rodríguez (Oct 14, 2013)

First I want to thank BG Ellis for posting this very good video. The video is alarming and scary and I would say that discernment has to be used in the watching and believing of it. The speaker is not known to me or the pastor that died which he called a prophet. He calls himself a prophet also. In my point of view a prophet is one who is chosen by God to speak his words. If this man is a prophet and he received this revelation then let this video praise God who chose to reveal His word beforehand so that we praise His name and control of history and the universe.

I lived five years of my live in that island of Puerto Rico and I love the island and the people in it. Some of my family and many of my wife’s family are still living there as they went there after leaving Cuba. To say that I was troubled by the video is an understatement, but for the past few years I have followed the earthquake activity in the island and wondered if God had planned for a tsunami such as the one in this video to originate here due to an earthquake.

I want to say also that such a strike of an asteroid at the location shown will affect also in the same magnitude the islands of Santo Domingo, Haiti, Cuba, the Virgin islands, all the islands in the Caribbean and all the nations bordering the Caribbean sea. The number of dead mentioned in the video for Puerto Rico would be multiplied several times over. Let us hope and pray that this judgment comes at the time of the Tribulations and not before as the narrator implied by stating that the Rapture would come afterward.

There were many Christians living in Haiti when the 7 Magnitude earthquake hit Port o Prince and killed 300,000 people a few short years back. This could also be the birth pains mentioned in the Bible.

I will try to pass this info to as many people as I know there as possible.


BG Ellis
(VIDEO) Asteroid Hit Puerto Rico and Tsunami Hit the East Coast – Efraín Rodríguez

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