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God’s Sign in the heavens, the Coming Four Blood Moon Tetrad October 4, 2013

The last post was concerning the Hybrid solar eclipse that occurred yesterday and that is a celestial marker for the USA and the world of things that are soon coming.

In the link below BG Ellis takes us to an interview in fox news of pastor John Hagee on his book Four Blood Moons.

The lady from Fox news kept pressing pastor Hagee for the meaning of the tetrad and he gave very generalized answers and went into the meaning of the dispensations. For knowledgeable Christians on dispensations this will mean something but for the majority of the viewers this will be a blank statement.

First of all it is obvious that the sign is meant for a sign in the heavens of God’s timing of His plan with humans. The church of Jesus is the first to sound the alarm with pastor Biltz of Washington State the discoverer of the tetrad pattern and its relationship to Israel and the feasts of Passover and Sukkot on two consecutive years. He made the discoveries by accessing NASA and their lunar eclipse site. It is understandable that prior generations without the technological advances of these times would have not been able to discover this obvious signal for the final generation that is rapidly getting to the Tribulation.

If this was the only prophetic sign for us to be watching then you could write it off as a coincidence, but with all the other prophecies that are aligning for fulfillment or that have already been fulfilled the importance is enormous.


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