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Dec 11, 2013 The Coming New World Order, Gary Stearman and Terry Cook

Mr. Gary Stearman interviews Mr. Terry Cook who is the author of Beast Tech a book about the technological controls that will be in the hands of the Antichrist to control all the people in the world that are within his technological reach.

The book goes into this technology and it would be a good source of information for those who will find themselves in the time of the seven year Tribulation. Knowledge may keep the readers from falling into the nets of the Antichrist.

It seems to me that the lest technological you are the less able you become for the future system of control.

It would be very hard to make somebody living in the jungle of the Amazon part of the mark of the Beast. Those living in cities and the major population centers of the world will be the most susceptible to fall or eliminate.


The Coming New World Order

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