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Dec 11, 2013 The Middle East has three alliance blocks all against each other

And you thought you had everything figured out by now! The other missing one is Israel. Some participants can fall in one or two groups and alliances shift with time and purposes.


The Middle East Now Has Three Alliances: None Are With the U.S.
1. The Shiite bloc consisting of Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq and the Syrian regime. 2. The pro-Muslim Brotherhood Sunni bloc, consisting of Turkey, Qatar, Tunisia, Hamas and some Syrian rebels. 3. The anti-Iran/anti-Brotherhood Sunni bloc consisting of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, other Syrian rebels and other Arab countries. The first two blocs are on opposite sides in the Syrian civil war, but are hoping to negotiate a ceasefire that allows them to mend ties. The third bloc feels so threatened by the other two that Saudi Arabia is widely rumored to be offering Israel access to its airspace to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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