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Dec 31, 2013 US Joining Forces With Iran by Gary Stearman

Well the year 2013 is over today and tomorrow will bring in the year 2014 with trepidation and instability in the middle east and the world. Yesterday two bombs exploded in Russia and it seems that Islam is behind this event.

The video by Mr. Gary Stearman brings us resent news about the USA joining with Iran and Syria to fight Al Qaeda in Iraq.Will this new year bring us the wars caused by the White (USA) and red (Russia) horses of the Apocalypse who together with the Black and pale horses following them to bring death to 1/4 of humanity (7,166,600,000) or 1,791,650,000 humans dying.

Well not something to look forward to on the New Year 2014. The Christians will look forward to the Rapture before these events occur and thus safety in the hands of Jesus from the clouds of heaven.


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