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Dec 14, 2013 The evil thruth about Islam Update with Part 2 and Epilog

This article was published in and it is very important for all freedom loving people to understand the true nature of Islam.

It is difficult to understand how people can support a president Obama that spouses alliance to this evil system Islam.


A Primer on Islam: Part One

By Patrick Wyett

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.  Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world” (1 John 4:1-3).

These verses are an appropriate start to any discussion about Islam.  Here’s another.

“For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist” (2 John 1:7).

Islam epitomizes this spirit of antichrist, forthrightly denying that Jesus is the Son of God who died on the cross to save mankind through the power of His atoning blood, was resurrected on the third day and will return again as King of kings and Lord of lords. Of interest, Muslims do believe that Jesus (known as Isa in Arabic), will return again. Only, Isa will return to tell the world that he was a Muslim and prophet of Allah. This would be quite a declaration, considering Jesus lived, died and was resurrected six-hundred-years before Islam was invented. Then Isa will lead Muslim armies in the slaughter of all Christians and Jews.

So much for the abominable notion: That Jews, Christians and Muslims worship the same god. The God of the Tanakh, the Jewish Holy Book, which contains what Christians know as the Old Testament, and the Christian God of the Bible (the only true God). The god of the Quran is Satan, using the alias, Allah.

Shall we proceed?

To refer to Islam as a false religion is only minimally accurate as Islam is much more. It is a brutal, totalitarian system of governance, controlling every aspect of a person’s life; how you think, how you speak, how you act and interact. Even how you dress. It is not a religion anymore than Nazism or Communism is a religion. Islam is seditious toward every form of non-Islamic government. Read that again. It seeks to overthrow all governments and replace them with Sharia (Islamic) Law by any means necessary.

Those who seek common ground with Muslims foolishly engage in their own demise.  There is no peaceful co-existence with Islam unless you count the peace of the grave for those who resist. It is treason against our Constitutional Republic to allow this insurgency of Islam into our nation.

Have you ever wondered what a wholly Satan-concocted government/religious system would look like? You don’t have to wonder; Islam has been that curse to humanity for just over 1400 years now. Muslims claim that the Bible is corrupted and that Allah sent his last prophet—Muhammad, to bring his true word to humanity. It’s stated that Muhammad was chosen because he was a virtuous, perfect man. Some of his “virtues” include mass murder, rape, pedophilia, thievery, robbery, torture, slavery, blasphemy and habitual lying.  In short, he was a self-serving, demented, perverted, psychopath who exemplifies the Muslim ideal.

Let’s test the Islamic theory that the Bible is corrupted. Is God all-powerful, omniscient and omnipresent? I think all who believe in God would say, “Yes.” Can the will of all-powerful God (then be thwarted by Satan, man or a combination of the two)?  The answer would by necessity be, “No.” (As we’ve acknowledged God’s infinite power and knowledge.)

Mankind was created on earth in the neighborhood of six-thousand-years ago.  Archeological finds prove that the modern Bible is in alignment with discovered ancient biblical texts, therefore the alleged corruption that Muslims claim had to have taken place some time before the earliest artifacts, even at the beginning. So God’s Word was corrupted by Satan and then allowed this corruption to go unchallenged for several millennia, up until fourteen hundred years ago?

Does that make sense to anyone? Satan got the jump on God and it took him thousands of years to set things right? When you read the Bible and the Quran, it’s easy to discern which is the inspired Word of God and which is the corrupted utterings of a lunatic. By the way, the word “lunatic” is derived from the Latin word “lunaticus” meaning, “a madness caused by the moon.” Keep this in mind as you read.

There are two Muslim holy books: The Quran and the Hadith. The Quran is supposedly comprised of the revelations of Allah to Muhammad while the Hadith is a collection of Muhammad’s sayings. Neither was penned by Muhammad as he was illiterate.

The two main sects in Islam are Sunni and Shiite. The difference? Sunnis believe that Mohammed was the last prophet of Allah. Shiites believe that Mohammed’s cousin, Ali, who was also his son-in-law, was the chosen successor to Mohammed. It may seem to be a minor difference of opinion, but it’s sufficient for unending bloodshed between Sunnis and Shiites. As briefly alluded to, inbreeding is common and accepted in Muslim culture.

I purchased a copy of the Quran while living in the Middle East expecting a slick, well-written tome of sly cunning.  Without exaggeration, the Quran is the most rambling, incoherent, twisted and poorly written collection of contradictions that I’ve ever read.  Ridiculous levity aside (Mohammed claimed that drinking his blood or urine or eating his excrement would keep a person from going to hell), evil pervades the entire book.

To understand Islam, one must understand from whence it came. Before Islam, the dominant theology amongst Arabs was paganism. Of the 360 different pagan gods worshipped, one was named Allah, the moon god.  The distinction needs to be made; Allah is not a name of God or even another name for God, it is the pagan-originated name of the false god of Islam.

To this day, the symbol of Islam is the crescent moon and a star.  Not coincidentally and in point of fact very revealing, Satan is referred to in the Bible as the son of the morning star. It makes perfect sense:  The moon, Satan’s false god, and the star, Satan himself.  This is Islam.

Mohammed was born in Arabia in the town of Medina in 570 AD.  He was known to be mentally unstable and went to a cave on occasion for reflection and solitude. At age 40 during one of these sojourns, Mohammed claims to have been approached by Satan, then by Jibril, the Arabic name for the biblical angel Gabriel.  Whether he actually was approached by Satan can be debated. What’s undeniable is that Satan, one way or the other, found in Mohammed the potent mixture of evil, charisma and crazy.

From Jibril, Mohammed claimed to receive revelations from Allah, the pagan god he revered above all the others. In short, when Mohammed wanted something, he got a revelation confirming it. When caught in a lie, voila, another revelation clearing things up! “Allah says so” became the justification of every kind of ruthless self-indulgence that Mohammed could imagine.

At first, Mohammed had few followers. During this time his teachings were conciliatory toward Christians and Jews as he lacked the numbers to challenge them openly. Then he had another revelation: Allah said it was okay to attack caravans and villages, that Muslims could take the livestock, gold and silver as plunder. The captured children could be kept as slaves, the women as concubines and the men slaughtered. With this new directive serving as a powerful recruiting tool, the number of Muslims quickly grew into the thousands.

Mohammed became a warlord, his later “revelations” reflecting his growing military power. This is the Mohammed who married a six year-old Aisha, consummating the marriage when she was nine and he in his early fifties.  The Mohammed that beheaded 900 captured and bound Jews from the village of Banu Qurayza, their blood filling trenches that he had dug for this slaughter. Water had to be added as the blood coagulated too quickly to achieve the desired visual effect.

Muslims emulate Mohammed. They prefer beheading their enemies because it was his favorite method of execution. Pedophilia is justified because Mohammed was a pedophile. On and on it goes. Mohammed died in 632 AD after being poisoned by one of his wives. His legacy continues to be written in human blood.

It’s imperative that you understand what I’m about to say. The Muslim understanding of the Quran operates on the theory of abrogation. That is, when an earlier verse is contradicted by a later verse, the earlier verse is abrogated, or nullified by the later verse.  Mohammed’s later violent verses demanding Muslims war against non-believers cancels 124 earlier verses that advocated peace and friendship with Christians and Jews.

Satan depends on a person’s ignorance of the Bible to mislead and destroy them.  Likewise he depends on our ignorance of the Quran so that we don’t see Islam for the threat that it is. In Islam there are two houses: Dar-Al Islam, the house of peace for believers, and Dar-Al Harb, the house of war for all the rest of us. You are an infidel, a kuffar (which is a highly derogatory word in Arabic for a non-believe). As such, you are sub-human and have no rights.

“And wage war for the sake of Allah, and know that Allah is hearing, knowing” (Surah 2:24).

You’ve been fed the lie from presidents, politicians and even some preachers that “peaceful” Islam has been hijacked by a “few radicals and extremists.” Now read the truth.  Muslims are commanded in the Quran to wage jihad against non-Muslims without mercy:

“So when the forbidden months are passed [a pre-Islamic tradition of not fighting during a four month period, no longer observed], so kill the polytheists [Christians] wherever you find them, and take them [as captives], and besiege them, and lay in wait for them with every kind of ambush, so if they repent [convert to Islam)] and perform the prayer [the Shahadah] and give the legal alms, so leave their way free. Surely Allah is forgiving, merciful” (Surah 9:5).

The Shahadah is the first of the five pillars of Islam. It is a declaration of faith that must be repeated three times by a convert. “I declare that there is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” The Shahadah is a direct denial of Jesus as the Son of God as well a denial of the God of the Bible.

“O you who have believed [Muslims], engage in war against the infidels who are near to you, and let them find in you harshness, and know Allah is with the fearer” (Surah 9:123).

There you have it, infidel. Convert, or be subjugated as a slave (also known as Dhimmitude) or be killed. That’s it. There are no other choices. Many times a jihadist (one who engages in holy war) skips options one and two, going directly to option three.  You need also know that the Quran says that any Muslim who doesn’t wage jihad will go to hell.

“O you who have believed, when you meet those who became infidels marching, do not turn your backs on them.  Whoever will turn his back to them on that day, unless he turns strategically to engage in war or to rally some other troop, so indeed will return with wrath from Allah. And hell will be his abode, and wretched will be his final destination” (Surah 8:15-16).

You may have Muslim neighbors who are nice, decent people. I too have had friends who are Muslim. These would be considered secular Muslims just as there are secular Christians; those who claim a faith but don’t commit wholly to the tenets of that faith.  What does the Quran say about such?

“O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Nasara (Christians) as friends.  They are friends to one another.  And whoever among you takes them as friends, so surely he is of them.  Surely Allah does not guide the unjust people” (Surah 5:51).

Thus, as renowned Muslim expert, Robert Spencer states:

     There are peaceful Muslims but there is no peaceful Islam. The strength of Islam is      that they clearly understand who their enemy is. It’s all non-Muslims, every last one      of us. This plays well into our greatest weakness. Despite unending attacks and      atrocities committed against us all over the world, we still don’t realize who our      declared enemy is.

Stay tuned for, “A Primer on Islam, Part Two. My brothers and sisters, you must know this and understand. We are at war. The Quran says so.


B.  A Primer on Islam Part Two:


A Primer on Islam: Epilogue

By Patrick Wyett

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The theme of Islam is shown in the following interview between Mr. Gary Stearman and Mr. Avi Lipkin a very knowledgeable Israeli author and politician.

He brings a different perspective of the currents taking place in the middle east that will change the dynamics of populations in the area.

His knowledge of the different groups and factions in Islam is worth hearing the interview.


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Dec 13, 2013 Proof that the book of Revelation is in chronological order

The video that proofs that the book of Revelation is in chronological order offers an excellent insight into this book and proofs by content and grammar that it unfolds in an ordered and chronological manner.

This is a must see video for any Christian that hopes to understand the unfolding and meaning of this book. Thank you Steve T.

Many doves and Christians have erroneously assumed a non chronological interpretation of this book to fit their theories and interpretations. This presentation should put to rest this erroneous thinking.


Steve T (13 Dec2013)
Is Revelation Chronological?

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Written by twelvebooks

December 13, 2013 at 10:17 am

Dec 11, 2013 The Middle East has three alliance blocks all against each other

And you thought you had everything figured out by now! The other missing one is Israel. Some participants can fall in one or two groups and alliances shift with time and purposes.


The Middle East Now Has Three Alliances: None Are With the U.S.
1. The Shiite bloc consisting of Iran, Hezbollah, Iraq and the Syrian regime. 2. The pro-Muslim Brotherhood Sunni bloc, consisting of Turkey, Qatar, Tunisia, Hamas and some Syrian rebels. 3. The anti-Iran/anti-Brotherhood Sunni bloc consisting of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, other Syrian rebels and other Arab countries. The first two blocs are on opposite sides in the Syrian civil war, but are hoping to negotiate a ceasefire that allows them to mend ties. The third bloc feels so threatened by the other two that Saudi Arabia is widely rumored to be offering Israel access to its airspace to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.

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Dec 11, 2013 The Coming New World Order, Gary Stearman and Terry Cook

Mr. Gary Stearman interviews Mr. Terry Cook who is the author of Beast Tech a book about the technological controls that will be in the hands of the Antichrist to control all the people in the world that are within his technological reach.

The book goes into this technology and it would be a good source of information for those who will find themselves in the time of the seven year Tribulation. Knowledge may keep the readers from falling into the nets of the Antichrist.

It seems to me that the lest technological you are the less able you become for the future system of control.

It would be very hard to make somebody living in the jungle of the Amazon part of the mark of the Beast. Those living in cities and the major population centers of the world will be the most susceptible to fall or eliminate.


The Coming New World Order

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Dec 10, 2013 Will Iran yield its nuclear path to a bomb?

A very well written article.

It is my personal opinion that his analysis of the religious factors at the end of the article will prevail to the detriment of Iran and the whole world.

The prophecies of the Bible make this a fact that can not be altered as God saw the future and spoke to the prophets to write what is to come. None the less the analysis and observations done in this article are valid.


Alon Ben-Meir


Iran Will Become a Nuclear Power, Unless…

Posted: 12/10/2013 12:38 pm

In my last article I surveyed as impartially as I could the position of the various countries that might be affected by the interim deal recently forged between Iran and the P5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany). In this article I venture to explain why I believe that Iran will not give up its goal to acquire nuclear weapons and what is behind its determination to try to render even a permanent agreement, if ever achieved, transient at best. Finally, I raise the question as to whether or not there is a way to peacefully prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state.

It should be noted at the onset that Iran’s suffering from the intense sanctions that nearly crippled its economy was the prime, if not the only, reason that brought it to the negotiating table. This was, however, no more than a tactical move, a sort of strategic retreat from the “battlefield” to get some relief, only to regroup and go back on the offensive from a better strategic position in order to achieve its intended objective.

There are four different dimensions to Iran’s relentless drive to acquire nuclear weapons:

National pride: Iran’s vision of its regional and international role, its self-assumed Islamic mission to promulgate its own vision of Islam, and its national pride preclude any agreement that can prevent it from becoming a nuclear power.

Iran is a proud nation with an enduring history that spans over four millennia, and throughout much of its history it has projected power and influence in the region and beyond. It has the second-largest oil reserves in the region, and is located in one of the world’s most strategic regions, enjoying effective dominance over the Strait of Hormuz through which nearly 40 percent of the world’s oil passes.

The Iranian people are highly invested and infused with national pride and feel they deserve to be treated with respect. They view the possession of nuclear weapons as the main strategic tool that would accord them that respect, particularly following (as they see it) decades of exploitation and humiliation by Western powers.

Regional hegemony: There are 72 million Shiites in Iran (representing 89 percent of the population) plus more than 20 million Shiites in Iraq, against a total of 52 million Sunnis in all of the Gulf States combined — namely Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

From the Iranian perspective, the Gulf’s overwhelming Shiite majority combined with a long history of cultural and material riches grants Iran the inherent right to become the regional hegemon.

This also explains Iran’s determination to continue to wage a proxy war in Syria in support of Assad’s Alawite regime (an offshoot of Shiism) against a plethora of Sunni factions and states led by Saudi Arabia in order to secure its influence during and after Assad’s reign.

Moreover, Iran’s consistent and successful effort to extend its influence over the crescent from the Gulf to the Mediterranean, which includes Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, adds huge strategic advantages to its regional outreach.

A nuclear-armed Iran will not only solidify its regional hegemony and ascendancy over the Sunni Arab states but recapture its historic importance, which was largely lost during the post-World War era and subsequent American dominance. Moreover, a nuclear Iran will allow it to intimidate its Sunni Arab neighbors and subordinate their political agenda to its own while neutralizing the nuclear threat of its archenemy Israel.

National Identity: What has further deepened Iran’s convictions to acquire nuclear weapons is its newly-born national identity as the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although Iran (Persia) has had a long history with a recognized national identity, it has not been ruled before by an Islamic clergy. As such, Iran’s national identity remains vulnerable because it is still in its formative stages and on the defensive as it has not, as yet, struck deep roots in a population with a considerable Western orientation.

The clergy’s intransigence, be it aggressive (Ahmadinejad) or smiling (Rouhani) reflects the protective cover for a consolidating national identity, and thus at heart a psychologically-based resistance to external pressure. Under these conditions, the nature of the discord between them and the US will carry an “us versus them” turn in a prejudiced and selective way.

For the Ayatollahs, the acquisition of nuclear weapons under the aegis of an Islamic Shiite regime would solidify, strengthen and allay the still-vulnerable national identity through direct association with the awesome power and prestige of having nuclear weapons.

Even though the Ayatollahs have insisted that their nuclear program is peaceful, they have made it a common cause as an integral component of national identity and have successfully mobilized the public to stand united behind the regime and defy Western powers, especially the US.

Resistance to change: The push for obtaining nuclear weapons is the clergy’s means by which it resists regime change. The Ayatollahs are convinced that Western powers, led by the US, are committed to regime change in Iran. They are terrified of that prospect because the very existence of Iran as an Islamic Republic is embedded in the longevity of current and successive regimes.

Iranians still recall with trepidation and venom the ouster of the Mosaddeq regime in 1953 by the CIA and are now determined not to allow a replay of such national humiliation by pursuing political and military strategies with nuclear weapons at its core. Therefore, Iran’s psychological resistance to change is directly related to its political mindset toward the US, which feeds into its perceptions that the United States’ intention has and continues to be regime change.

In fact, if there was anything that trumps the powerful drive to acquire nuclear weapons it is retaining power, which is the heart and soul of the 1979 revolution. Iran has borrowed a page or two from the experiences of North Korea and Pakistan and is fully cognizant that once it reaches the breakout point, it will immunize itself from being attacked by the US and/or Israel.

Why then, in light of Iran’s long history of deception and defiance of six UN resolutions between 2006 and 2010 to halt its uranium enrichment program, has the interim agreement allowed Iran to have its nuclear infrastructure and uranium enrichment abilities left almost intact?

Tehran has secured its principle demand to enrich uranium and received badly-needed partial relief from the sanctions. It has opposed dismantling even a single centrifuge (which was agreed upon) and agreed merely to freeze its heavy water plants to produce plutonium, which is easily reversible. Although Iran agreed to roll back its stockpile of nearly 500 pounds of uranium enriched to 20 percent by degrading half to 5 percent and converting the rest to oxide, this process can also be overturned at will.

Iran’s acceptance of what Secretary of State John Kerry characterized in Geneva on November 24 as “unprecedented international monitoring” may end up only with “managed access.” Iran has yet to accept unannounced inspections of their most sensitive underground plants at Fordo and the Parchin Military Complex, where Iran is suspected to have experimented with nuclear devices.

Given Iran’s determination to acquire nuclear weapons, the interim agreement does not hold much hope that a final agreement will prevent Iran from reaching the nuclear threshold. To prevent Iran by diplomatic means from becoming a nuclear power and avoid the need to resort to the military option or end up with Iran in possession of nuclear weapons, the following measures can, at a minimum, improve the odds if carefully considered.

First is dismantling much of Iran’s nuclear facilities designed for the development of nuclear weapons. I could not elaborate on this critical requirement any better than former Secretaries of States Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, who stated in their column in the Wall Street Journal on December 2:

“If the six month “freeze” period secured in Geneva is to be something other than a tactical pause on Iran’s march toward a military nuclear capability, Iran’s technical ability to construct a nuclear weapon must be meaningfully curtailed in the next stipulated negotiation through a strategically significant reduction in the number of centrifuges, restrictions on its installation of advanced centrifuges, and a foreclosure of its route toward a plutonium-production capability.”

Second, the Obama administration must make it unambiguously clear to the Iranian authorities (preferably in private to spare Iran’s pride) that the US will not hesitate for a moment to re-impose the most crippling sanctions, with the overwhelming support of Congress, should Iran be caught cheating. Moreover, the Mullahs must believe that the US is prepared to resort to the military option to stop Iran’s drive to become a nuclear state by remaining militarily vigilant throughout the Gulf. In addition, the United States’ support of the union of Gulf States, with centralized defense and military capabilities, could create another layer of deterrence against Iran’s ambition to become the region’s superpower.

Third, the US must warn Iranian officials that to prevent any miscalculations, they ought to cease and desist threatening the very existence of another UN member state and an ally — Israel. Tehran must understand that Israel will take such threats far more seriously should Iran reach the breakout point. The Obama administration must forcefully reject such threats in the future and warn Iran that the US cannot prevent Israel from taking any military action if it deems that its national security is in jeopardy.

Fourth, the Obama administration needs to insist that any lasting agreement must also ensure that Iran moderate its approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and end its military support of radical Islamists such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and other various terrorist groups which promote its political agenda. If Iran wishes to be a respected member of the international community it can no longer have it both ways; as such, a requirement must be integral to any new agreement.

Fifth, to allay Iran’s most alarming concerns, the Obama administration needs to assure the Iranians that the US does not seek regime change in Tehran, now or in the future. By virtue of its history, riches, culture and strategic importance, Iran will be accorded the respect it seeks and can play a significant and positive role on the international stage, from which it can greatly benefit without the possession of nuclear weapons.

Iran has a perfect face-saving way out because it has never admitted that it was seeking nuclear weapons and that its nuclear program was and still is for civilian purposes. Moreover, since the Iranian mindset is built around national pride, the US should not characterize any new agreement in terms of “winners and losers” but rather as a mutually interest-based agreement from which all sides emerge as winners.

I am not naïve to think that my “prescription” to end the nuclear impasse with Iran is simple and can be implemented with only American resolve. The religious belief of the clergy in Iran, their worldview and their place in it may blind them from seeing the light. Their religious convictions require no evidence, and as a result they may well continue the treacherous nuclear path to their own detriment.

But then again, if the Obama administration feels that there is even a faint chance to reach a lasting agreement with Iran, President Obama can improve the odds by insisting on the above conditions and satisfy itself and its allies that it has done all it could to prevent the military option.

Given Iran’s self-destructive instincts, however, and Obama’s perceived lack of credibility, especially in the wake of the Syrian debacle, there is plenty of room left for errors and miscalculations.

This may end up forcing the president to choose between the lesser of two evils: strike Iran’s nuclear installations or settle for containment. Either option bears potentially dire consequences for the United States, its regional allies, and Iran itself.

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Dec 9, 2013 Pastor JD Farag prophecy-update Dec 8, 2013

A very good prophetic update.

I personally believe that the role of the US will be much greater than the one he sees for this nation. I see it as mystery Babylon the end times seat of the Antichrist.

Islamic countries can not be the source of the coming Antichrist since they lack the military industrial complex required to wield and supply modern armies with all their technological advances. I reached this conclusion in the seventies and since then the growth and lethality of the US armed forces has increased to a point that it excels and dwarfs all the other nations military’s put together. This nations controls all the economies of the world also and its output of goods is unequaled.


Mid-East Prophecy Update – December 8th, 2013

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Dec 7, 2013 Israel Listen Your God Appointed Feasts are Coming!

Pastor Mark Biltz is the person who discovered the relationship between the solar and lunar eclipses with some appointed Feast of God happening in Passover and Sukkot.

The tetrad of lunar eclipses is a rare phenomenon that has always been related to milestones in the history of Israel. The years 2014 and 2o15 seem to be an extremely important appointment time in God’s timeline.

I urge all readers to set aside enough time to watch this video and to study it in detail as it points to the second coming of Jesus and the preceding seven years of Tribulation.

Thanks to BG Ellis for his link to this video.


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Dec 5, 2013 More info on Planet X

Thanks to Charles Holler we get this interesting video of the Planet X approach to the sun.


Charles Holler (5 Dec 2013)
Planet X erased from video by NASA and four people lose their job

Greetings John and Doves,
They’re calling it Hercubus as they’re pointing everyone to look at ISON and Planet X gets leaked to the public. You don’t want to miss this.
Charles Holler Sr

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Dec 1, 2013 Pastor JD Farag Blood Moon Tetrad Sermon. Dec 2, 2013

Pastor JD Farag on Sunday’s sermon explained in great detail the coming tetrad of blood moon eclipses and further explained the prophetic scriptures that are tied to the tetrad and the coming solar eclipses occurring 14 days prior to the Sukkoth festival.

He very clearly ties the Iran accord of six months and the Palestinian peace 9 month solution together and both events occurring on the day of Passover 2014 the beginning date for the tetrad.

Very good job pastor Farag!


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